Spot transport: use Quicargo's spot market for fast pallet shipping!

Arranging spot transportation has never been more easy via Quicargo’s fully integrated digital solution. Both B2B and B2C.

✓ save up to 30%

✓ no contract costs

✓ certified carriers

Having a last minute pallet shipping emergency? No problem! With Quicargo’s spot transportation you can book your pallet delivery easy within just a few click, and that all in just one fully integrated digital place!

Spot shipment offered by Quicargo is a great short-term solution for sending pallets. Maybe your usual carrier is unable to deliver your goods, or the carrier does not ship to the area where you need the freight to go. Maybe the shipment is urgent, or you have unexpected transportation needs, such as FTL, LTL or groupage shipping. In short, there can be thousands of reasons why you would end up looking for spot transport.

Quicargo’s spot market for transport is the most flexible solution for shippers, both nationally in the Netherlands, but also in other European countries, such as Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

How do spot prices work?

Quicargo’s low spot prices are calculated by using our very own algorithm. This algorithm deals with an abundance of factors, such as the weight of the road freight, the distance of the route, the type of pallet and many more factors.

This way, we can provide you with an instant quote on our digital platform. Not happy with the date or shipping cost? No worries! You are also able to select alternative dates and spot prices in Quicargo’s platform.

By using Quicargo’s spot market you are instantly provided with a nice overview of the shipping costs and you can book your pallet delivery within the blink of an eye. Nice!

Examples of routes

Below you find an overview with frequently used routes for spot transportation within the Netherlands. You can use this table to get a good idea of how good our spot prices really are.

Please note! These shipment costs are solely meant for indicative purposes. The ultimate shipping costs can deviate, depending on different factors, such as the weight and type of pallets used for the road freight.

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
DiemenAmstelveen€ 32,50
EindhovenVenlo€ 39,-
BredaArnhem€ 39,-
UtrechtAmsterdam€ 39,-
RotterdamGroningen€ 42,50

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last updated on July 24, 2020.

More than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Looking for a good deal when it comes to your recurring transport? From 10 pallet shipments per month the Quicargo team happily prepares a tailor-made quote specifically for you. The bonus? You can save up to 20% on pallet shipping costs.

These clients already benefited from Quicargo in 2020:

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Any further questions?

I want to ship cargo, but don’t want to put it on pallets. Is this still possible?

Quicargo’s carriers are only able to ship your goods when it is packed on pallets. This namely helps us deliver your road freight in a fast and safe way.

Can I also benefit from spot prices outside of the Netherlands?

Yes! Not only in Dutch places, such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but also in Belgium you can easily use our spot market.

Want to load and/or unload outside of the Netherlands and Belgium? Please don’t hesitate to request a quote for this transportation! 

Can I also book a B2C pallet shipment?

Yes! Quicargo offers the possibility to book both B2B and B2C pallet transportation. Only C2C is not possible.

Spot prices or fixed prices

Use our spot market

A flexible solution for direct or urgent shipping.

✓ Fast and simple
✓ Better service, lower costs
✓ Place a shipment within 1 minute

Get fixed prices

For 10+ pallet shipments per month, requesting a quote is more advantageous

✓ Fixed rates for the whole year
Save up to an additional 20%

✓ Dedicated contact person
Enjoy extra service and smooth communication

✓ IT integration
Work and handle shipments within your own system

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