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Italy exported for circa 420 billion euro in 2019. Not surprising, as the country is active in a lot of different industries, such as machinery, textile, iron and steel, food and much more.

As such, many companies are looking for help with their logistics and transport for Italy. With Quicargo, you can take advantage of digital solutions for freight shipping to Italy. In fact, by creating an account, you will get immediate access to a large network of international carriers who are ready to import to – or export from Italy.

Whether you want to request a single pallet delivery, or book a full truckload (FTL) – it is all possible!

Shipping Italy: how does it work?

For pallet shipments Italy, there is two ways to go about it. For shipping Italy-Netherlands and freight transport Netherlands-Italy, you can calculate the price with our website tool and get an instant quote. This is based on our spot transport solution.

Create an account on our digital platform and fill in all the details of your shipment. Afterwards, you can place your order. It can all be done within minutes!

In case you have transportation needs exclusively outside the Benelux – for example to ship pallets from Italy to Germany, to send palletized cargo from France to Italy or to order road transport Italy-UK, then you can simply request a quote for international lanes. You will then receive an offer within 1 working day.

Additionally, if you seek a regular carrier for your logistics in Italy, you can request a quote for frequent transport to take advantage of discounted rates. Depending on the volume, you can save up to 20% in shipping costs.

Reasons to plan your Italian pallet deliveries with Quicargo

  • Quicargo is the largest network of shipping companies in Europe. As such, you can rest assured that we will find a solution to your transport needs for Italy. Whether your merchandise needs to be delivered in Rome, picked-up in Napels or unloaded in Milan – our partner carriers will without doubt exceed your expectations!
  • Did you know that half the trucks on Italian roads are driving around empty or partially empty? By using Quicargo, your shipments will be matched to these trucks. As such, you are contributing to making the logistics industry more sustainable and reducing the congestion on the roads in Italy and Europe.
  • You can expect high service levels from us. In contrary to a marketplace for transport, our operations team is there to help and guide you along the way. If any problems arise, then we will proactively look for a solution. This is reflected in our success ratio of 98%.
  • You have access to an intuitive digital platform, which allows you to order shipments promptly, to easily check track-and-trace & status updates and to have all your documents in one place. Discover the comfort of digitizing your logistics in Italy with Quicargo!

Examples of shipping costs for Italy

Our spot quotes are calculated by our algorithms. To give you a quick overview, we have listed some transport lanes between Italy and the Netherlands, so that you can get an impression of our cost-cutting rates.

In the table below you find the starting prices according to the concerning distances. Please note! These shipment costs are solely meant for indicative purposes. The ultimate shipping costs can deviate, depending on different factors, such as the weight and type of pallets used for the road freight.

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice*
AmsterdamMilan€ 185,82
BolognaGroningen€ 169,80
UtrechtFlorence€ 247,76
HengeloRome€ 284,93
NaplesEindhoven€ 286,36

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last update 06-07-2021

Quick shipments, use spot transport!

Want to have your shipment orders completed within no-time? Use our spot transport services! Get an instant quote and get everything sorted in just a couple of minutes!

Regular shipping

Planning on using Quicargo often? Benefit from our contracted rates and save up to 20%, depending on the number of shipments per month.

Any further questions?

Can I only send europallets?

No, you can also send mini pallets, block pallets and non-standard sized pallets.

Does Quicargo also do B2C?

We currently do not allow B2C shipments for Italy.

Can I use Quicargo as a freight forwarder?

Yes, many freight forwarders in Europe use our services to organize the road transport for their clients.

Can I ship to Amazon?

Yes, you can ship to Amazon warehouses. We offer this service to 7 different FBA locations in Italy. Visit the link for more information.

Where else can you ship pallets with Quicargo?

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