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» Quicargo is trusted by logistics and supply chain managers from well-known international brands

Since 2016, Quicargo has been stirring up the transport and logistics sector in the Netherlands. By using technology and data efficiently, we can provide you with safe transport for a very good price.

By placing orders for pallet shippings on our digital transport platform, you help reducing the empty capacity rate of carriers and transportation companies in the Netherlands,in Belgium and many other countries in Europe.

That means less shipping costs for you and less CO2-emissions for everyone. A clear example of a win-win situation!

What kind of freight shippers can work with Quicargo?

At Quicargo we don’t have a specific target group for shippers. In fact, almost every company can use our digital cargo platform and join the Quicargo family!

Pallet shipping for furniture, transport for construction companies, e-commerce logistics… You name it! Senders coming from a wide range of industries all register at Quicargo. Among these shippers, the volumes of their cargo pallet orders also differ drastically. Some companies might send one pallet per month, while other shippers need daily pallet shipping of their road freight. 

Altogether, we have built up experiences with many different types of shippers. This results in pallet deliveries that are quick and efficient, no matter what kind of goods you have packed on your pallets. Discover the benefits of using Quicargo yourself! Do a test shipment with us and notice the ease of using Quicargo’s online logistics platform. All that is left to do is sit back, relax and enjoy effortless delivery of your road freight. 

An overview of active shippers finding carriers via our platform

Some parties might choose Quicargo for groupage and LTL shippings, while other senders need a quick pallet delivery of FTL shipments. Whether you need your cargo transported in the Netherlands or in other countries in Europe, Quicargo is your partner when it comes to transport solutions.

Below you will find a small selection of shippers that already chose Quicargo in 2020 for reliable pallet shipping.

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Examples of instant shipping quotes for shippers in Europe

Below you find an overview with examples of possible lanes for pallet shipping in the Netherlands and internationally. You can view this table to get a quick idea of our rates.

Please note that these examples solely serve as an indication. The official price for your pallet delivery can deviate, depending on different factors, such as the weight of your loads. The shipping prices displayed on our online freight platform are always leading.

pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
Tilburg, the NetherlandsEnschede, the Netherlands€ 55,-
Rotterdam, the NetherlandsAntwerp, Belgium€ 61,50
Munich, GermanyVenlo, the Netherlands€ 113,14
Lille, FranceEindhoven, the Netherlands€ 137,-
Leeuwarden, the NetherlandsOdense, Denmark€ 152,-
Roosendaal, the NetherlandsSeville, Spain€ 243,-

*These are the shipping costs for 1 europallet. Last updated on 05-07-2021

Arranging a one-time pallet shipment?

For incidental loads, you can use our spot market. You can get a direct quote for transport within the Benelux, as well as for both import and export to the Netherlands.

Regular transport/lanes

Do you have more than 10 shipments per month? In that case you should request a quote. We can then give you an even better deal for your orders. You can save up to another 20% in transportation costs.

Still something unclear?

Can I use Quicargo’s digital logistics platform as a consumer?

No, Quicargo solely arranges pallet shipments to and from businesses (B2B). Within the Netherlands, we do offer the option for B2C deliveries.

Can I also send my pallet internationally?

Yes, you can also use Quicargo for European shipments outside of the Netherlands and the Benelux. For example for shipments from Belgium to Germany, loads from Germany to France or transport from the UK to France.

Request a quote if your route is unavailable in our tool.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use Quicargo’s digital platform?

No, Quicargo does not work with subscriptions. Using our platform is completely free of charge. You only pay for your shipments.

My route is not available in your tool, what can I do?

If the route is unavailable in our tool, it means we do not offer a spot solution. An example could be a national pallet shipment in France. In this case, you can request a quote.

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