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On this page you can compute the load meters of your cargo within no-time. Also find out more about the loading space of trucks, the dimensions of pallets and Quicargo!

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*Dimensions of the most commonly used pallets: mini pallets (80×60), europallets (80×120) and block pallets (100×120).

Loading meters: freight forwarders, supply chain managers, warehouse employees and everyone else working in the logistics sector has probably heard of this concept many times before. Do you want to make the shipment of your road freight transportation as efficient as possible? In that case, calculating the load of your pallets accurately is extremely important!

Besides shipping pallets, it is also possible to leave the calculation of your cargo’s loading meters up to us now! Whether you need groupage, less than truckload or full truckload transportation, the calculation of the loading meters is fixed within the blink of an eye via Quicargo’s handy freight calculator!

The importance of load meter calculations

The term loading meter, also known as LDM, is often used in the industry of logistics and transportation. But what exactly does this unit intended for pallet loading entail us?

A load meter for road freight is used as a calculation unit for goods that cannot be stacked on top of each other or on which no other goods may be placed. By determining the loading capacity, the lost truck capacity is compensated for. This means the calculation of the maximum pallet load is crucial when you want to make optimal use out of the space that is left in the truck! 

What is the equation for computing loading meters?

Wonder how load meters are calculated? When calculating the loading meters, you actually compute the floor space that the good or pallet occupies in the truck. In this LDM equation, the width of the product is multiplied by its length.

Next, the outcome is divided by the width of the truck used for transportation, which is usually 2,40 meters.

Loading meters calculations: Examples

Do you for example want to ship a sofa that is 1,50 meters wide and 0,50 meters deep? In that case the loading meter of the sofa is (1,50 * 0,50) / 2,40 = 0,31 LDM

As europallets have a loading meter of 0,40, this type of pallet would be the appropriate choice in this example. This way you can arrange the delivery of your cargo in the most efficient way possible!

ProductLoading meterpallet*
Chair (50×42)0,09 MMinipallet (0,20 M)
Planter (90×105)0,39 MEuropallet (0,40 M)
Birdbath (110×65)0,30 MEuropallet (0,40 M)
Football table (142×80)0,47 MBlock pallet (0,50 M)
Barbecue (110×105)0,48 MBlock pallet (0,50 M)

*The suggested pallet types are based on the dimensions of minipallets (80×60), europallets (80×120) and block pallets (100×120).

Arranging pallet shipping? Rely on Quicargo!

Calculated the loading meters beloning to your road freight? Then the next step is to arrange the correct pallet delivery. Take advantage of our digital transport platform. With Quicargo, sending pallets has been made extremely easy: within a few clicks it’s fixed. Sign up now and discover the benefits for yourself!

When you choose for Quicargo, you choose for a logistics industry in which sustainability and innovation are paramount. By using data and technology, we link your road freight to a truck that is already on route, thereby eliminating the need for a new driver to hit the road. This saves you time and money and saves us all CO2-emissions. Win-win!

Want to ship pallets quickly with Quicargo?

Sending pallets via Quicargo is just as easy as calculating the loading meters with our tool. Try it now!

More than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Do you ship many pallets annually? With more than 10 pallet deliveries per month, we happily prepare a tailor-made quotation for you. Save up to 20% on costs!

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Any further questions?

How many load meter does a truck have?

A truck with a standard sized trailer has a loading meter of 13,50 M.

How many pallets fit in a truck?

There is room for 33 europallets or 26 block/industrial pallets per truck.

Can I book a pallet shipment via Quicargo?

Yes! It does not matter whether you need groupage, LTL or FTL transport. With the digital platform of Quicargo  you can arrange you pallet shipment with ease.

Where can I send my road freight to?

At Quicargo it is possible to ship your goods to a destination in The Netherlands, but you can also send pallets from or to many other European countries.

Can I also calculate the cubic meters of my cargo with Quicargo?

Yes! Use our easy m3 calculator for quick cubic meter calculations.

What else can Quicargo help you with?

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