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Quicargo makes shipping pallets an extremely easy task. We help you in a simple and cost-effective way to transport your goods from A to B. How do we do this? We work together with professional carriers who are not utilizing the full capacity and space of their trucks on the road. This means that there is room for your pallets. Let’s load them up!

Pallet shipping cost.

CountryStarting price for euro pallets
Austria€ 113,00
Belgium€ 59,00
Bulgaria€ 197,00
Croatia€ 144,00
Czech Republic€ 115,00
Denmark€ 108,00
Estonia€ 161,00
Finland€ 211,00
France€ 129,00
Germany€ 59,00
Greece€ 233,00
Hungary€ 169,00
Italy€ 122,00
Latvia€ 162,00
Lithuania€ 117,00
Luxembourg€ 70,00
The Netherlands€ 32,50
Norway€ 204,00
Poland€ 83,00
Portugal€ 152,00
Romania€ 145,00
Slovakia€ 140,00
Slovenia€ 178,00
Spain€ 126,00
Sweden€ 146,00
United Kingdom€ 116,00
Other CountriesContact our support team
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Recurring transport

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  • Dedicated and reliable support team
  • Fully automated integration
  • End-to-end solution
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How do you place a pallet shipment?

  • Step 1: Sign up on our platform.
  • Step 2: Navigate to our web application and fill out your shipment details.
  • Step 3: Directly receive a price offer.
  • Step 4: Quicargo selects the best carrier for your cargo and takes care of the logistical process.

Do you have recurring transport needs? Contact our support or request a quote.

Many companies let us handle their pallet shipments. Are you next?

palet afmetingen

Pallet sizes.


Size in cm

Max. weight in kg

Space in meters

Euro pallet (EP)

80 x 120



Block pallet

100 x 120



Mini pallet

80 x 60




Be aware: these are just the standard sizes of the pallets. You can also manually select deviating sizes.

A total size of 300 x 240 cm can be added on the platform of Quicargo. Do you require larger sizes? Please contact our customer service department.

Extra information about your shipments.

Changing your shipment

You can request a change for your shipment through our customer service department. This will be at no extra costs as long as the alteration is request 24 hours before the pick-up of the pallets.

Where does Quicargo operate?

We operate from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. However, we do have carriers across the whole of Europe. Whether you want to send your pallets to France, Germany or within the Netherlands – it does not matter for us!

More information about the pallet delivery

You can easily track the status of your pallet delivery via the Quicargo platform. You also have the complete freedom to indicate a day of preference for the delivery to arrive. For fast deliveries (same day or the next day), you have to place your order before 11 AM.

Most of our customers choose to have their cargo delivered after two days.

Does the delivery date not matter for you? Then you can simply opt for the option with no delivery date preference.

In our experience, our customers are extremely satisfied with this system due to great flexibility.

Shipping pallets