Shipping mini pallets

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What is a mini pallet?

The mini pallet is one of the most common pallets and ideal for the transportation of smaller loads.

When you ship with Quicargo, you can choose to secure your goods on europallets, block pallets or mini pallets. If you often ship palletized goods, it is important to know the dimensions of the type of pallet you are using.

What are the mini pallet dimensions?

The dimensions of a mini pallet are 80×60 cm. This means that one mini pallet equals 0.2 loading meters. Learn more about calculating loading meters.

What is the maximum weight a mini pallet can carry?

The maximum load capacity of a mini pallet is 350 kg per loading meter. Due to the size of the mini pallet and the lower load capacity, it is well suited for smaller and lighter types of freight.

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Do you want to ship your goods on europallets or block pallets instead? Trust in Quicargo as your transport partner in Europe.

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Shipping mini pallets

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What most people want to know about shipping mini pallets

The difference between block pallets, europallets and mini pallets can be seen both in the dimensions and the maximum load capacity.

A block pallet can carry a maximum of 875 kg and measures 100 x 120 cm. The next smallest and most commonly used pallet is the europallet, which can carry up to 700 kg and has a size of 80 x 120 cm. The mini pallet, which measures 80 x 60 cm, carries up to 300 kg.

Quicargo offers all sorts of shipments, from FTL to LTL and groupage transport. Use these services provided by Quicargo and ship incidental or recurring.

You can also ship parcels via the digital platform. Although international shipments can only be booked via Quicargo if your goods are secured on pallets, you can ship parcels and oversized parcels within the Netherlands.

You have the following payment options:

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  • Bancontact
  • Direct bank transfer


You will receive the invoice on the first Monday after delivery.

1 out of 2 trucks in Europe drive around empty. By using Quicargo, you are efficiently making use of unused capacity to reduce the number of empty trucks on the road.

As such, you are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic.

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