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Most popular locations to ship and deliver pallets in the UK

The freight road transport industry in the UK is valued at nearly 30 billion pounds, with circa 60 thousand active companies and approximately 300 thousand jobs. Keeping this in mind, it is no wonder that the island nation is one of the hotspots in terms of road transport in Europe.

Although these numbers are great to see, they say nothing about the lack of efficiency in the logistics industry. In fact, around 50% of all trucks in the United Kingdom drive around empty. 

By signing up on Quicargo’s online platform, your freight will be matched with empty capacity of shipping companies. This way, you will benefit from better shipping quotes, superior service and a sustainable solution.

However, the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) following the Brexit has somewhat complicated trade between the EU and UK in terms of bureaucracy. New forms have to be filled out and various regulations for border traffic have to be considered. Quicargo offers services like the Incoterms tool, with which you can easily find out which International Commercial Terms are applicable to your business model.

Quicargo is your easy and efficient solution for shipping pallets to and from the UK.

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Shipping to and from the UK:
Which paperwork will you need?*

Shipping between the EU and the United Kingdom is no longer as easily arranged as before the Brexit. Since trading between the United Kingdom and the EU now counts as international trade, the International Commercial Terms (Incoterms) may be applied to trading situations. These terms are published by the International Chamber of Commerce and regulate which party is responsable for which part within an international trade deal.

With the new EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA), different forms are now required as well when trading. For transport between the EU and the United Kingdom, the following documents are now necessary.

A Proof of Origin of the imported/exported goods as well as an EORI number according to the country of entry needs to be presented. A Commercial Invoice is needed to be filled in and parties involved should also register for Value Added Tax (VAT).

In certain cases, for instance when handling agricultural products and foods, health certificates need to be filed. In addition, HS codes (Harmonized System codes) for goods should as well be set.

In order to provide customers with a smooth returning process, companies should also keep in mind that there might be different governmental requirements for returns of shipments.

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Special demands for shipments from the UK to the EU

When exporting from the UK to the European Union, a few extra documents need to be prepared before trading.

For example, a Safety and Security Exit Summary declaration (EXS declaration) on the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight (CHIEF) needs to be prepared.

When the company is not also established in the EU, an IOR (Importer of record), a customs declarant, needs to be named as well upon import to the EU.

Lastly, a Road Consignment Note (CMR) needs to be organized as well.

Can Quicargo be authorised to handle the necessary paperwork?

Yes, indeed. Your company can authorize a representative to file the required paperwork. However, Quicargo itself is not allowed to handle these documents for companies trading between the UK and the EU as this is only allowed for businesses which are established in the UK.

Quicargo therefore works together with a third party in the United Kingdom, which is taking over the paperwork as an indirect representative – making matters easier for your company.

Prepare your road freight for transportation to and from the United Kingdom

It is very important to make sure your cargo is transportation-proof before sending your pallets to the UK or The Netherlands. Only when your pallets are prepared in the correct way, it allows carriers to deliver your shipment quickly and, most importantly, safely. After all, damaged road freight would be a big waste!

In need for some packaging tips?

  • How to pack a pallet
  • How to pack a parcel
  • Take a look at the video below for handy instructions. However, please note that the suitable packaging method for your road freight depends on various factors, such as the size of your cargo.

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    Pallet shipping UK: how does it work?

    For spot transport, you can take advantage of direct quotes. This service is currently only available for shipping from the UK to the Netherlands and for shipping from the Netherlands to the UK.

    Create an account on our digital platform. You can then fill in all the necessary details of your order. After this step, you can see the shipping costs. If you are pleased with our quote, you can go ahead and order your shipment. It is that easy!

    If we do not offer you a direct spot solution (you can check the availability of your route in the price calculator), you can always request a quote. This way, you will receive an offer within 1 working day for example for shipping from GB to Germany, shipping to France from the UK or for shipping England to Belgium.

    As a result of Brexit, trading between the EU and the UK became more difficult. At Quicargo, we are closely following the situation so as to stay up-to-date with new rules and regulations.

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    Quicargo does not warrant the accuracy and completeness of the information given about the required paperwork on this site.

    Last updated on 26-05-2021.

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    What most people want to know about pallet and parcel deliveries in the UK

    Without deal prices, the shipping rates for pallets from the UK start at €125.

    *Rates include diesel tax, excl. VAT.

    Yes, the quotes you get from our calculator already include the customs charge.

    No, the standard pallet type which is being used in the UK is called “block pallet”. The size of these pallets differ from the europallets. One block pallet is 1200mm x 1000mm. Please keep this in mind when ordering shipments to the UK.
    • Have the loading and unloading set to between 8:00 and 17:00
    • Avoid any waiting costs. The standard waiting time for 1-2 pallets is 15 minutes, 30 minutes for 3-19 pallets and 1 hour for 20-33 pallets (2 hours for international shipments).
    • Select the right requirements (backlift & pallet jack, side loading and mounted forklift. I.e. if there is no loading dock, you may need a mounted forklift. In doubt, contact our service department.
    • Select B2C if you are shipping to a residential area. Most trucks are too large to access these areas. A box truck will then be required to unload the goods.

    The first Monday after delivery, you will receive the invoice. You have the following payment options:

    • IDEAL
    • SEPA direct debit
    • Bancontact
    • Direct bank transfer

    1 out of 2 trucks in Europe drive around empty. By using Quicargo, you are efficiently making use of unused capacity to reduce the number of empty trucks on the road.

    As such, you are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic.

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