Calculate freight rates for road transport with our freight cost calculator

Quicargo offers digital solutions for freight in Europe. Use our transport cost calculator to get an idea of our cost-cutting freight rates!

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Calculate your freight cost in real-time

Calculating freight cost for road transportation: many transport planners, freight forwarders and shippers are looking for freight rates in Europe.

Quicargo therefore created this tool to get a quick price indication. By doing so, you can rapidly calculate how much cost you will save by shipping with Quicargo.

How do the freight rate calculations work?

How do you calculate freight rates? The calculator takes into account our spot transport rates by truck in Europe. To give you the best price, our algorithms are based on multiple factors such as:

  • Our carrier network coverage in the area of the selected route
  • Distance between the pick-up and delivery address
  • Extra costs for B2C shipments
  • Rates of other carriers and freight forwarders in the market

These are merely examples of how we establish the best rates for your road transport.

For extra addons, such as mounted forklift, dangerous goods, different sized pallets, special delivery requirements (i.e. deviant transit times) and more, sign up to our digital platform for free and explore all the possibilities!

Examples of calculated prices

Below, you can find a short overview of some of the freight rates which you can expect when using our freight calculator. These prices serve as an indication and may vary from your results.

Nonetheless, the tables can give you an idea about the shipping cost of pallets in Europe at Quicargo.

The first table shows the rates for a single europallet shipment, whilst the second table gives you an impression of our prices for FTL shipments of europallets.

Examples of LTL freight calculations

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
RotterdamVenlo€ 55,-
AmsterdamAntwerp€ 61,50
BrusselsAntwerp€ 44,01
ParisEindhoven€ 161,-

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last update 07-07-2021

Examples of FTL freight calculations

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
BrugesLiège€ 489,-
Frankfurt a.M.Groningen€ 812,57
KopenhagenUtrecht€ 985,-
EnschedeMadrid€ 1990,-

*These are the delivery costs for 33 europallets. Last update 07-07-2021

Contracted transport for daily or recurring transport

Do you need a solution for daily lanes or recurring transport routes? From 10 shipments per month and more, you can request a special quote. Depending on the volume, this may save you another 20% in costs.

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Any further questions?

I am unable to select a country

Spot transport is not available to and from all countries. In this case, you can simply request a quote to get a rate for your shipment(s).

The prices are different on the platform

It is possible that the rates may differ slightly on the platform. Most often, this is due to special requests. Our calculator only gives an indication of the price.

To which countries can I ship pallets?

You can ship pallets to nearly every European country with Quicargo. However, not all routes are available for spot transport. Take a look at all our destinations.

Is your route not available?

In this case you can simply request a quote and we will find you a solution.

Can I only send pallets?

FTL shipping does not always require pallets, as long as the goods can be transported safely. For smaller shipments, we do require the use of pallets.

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