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Popular cities to ship pallets and deliver parcels to in France

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Where can you send pallets and parcels to within, from and to Amsterdam?

Do you want to ship pallets? Apart from shipping within the Netherlands, you can also directly order transport for the following export lanes:

  • Shipping Netherlands-Belgium
  • Shipping Netherlands-France
  • Shipping Netherlands-Germany
  • Shipping Netherlands-UK
  • Shipping Netherlands-Ireland
  • Shipping Netherlands-Luxembourg
  • Shipping Netherlands-Portugal
  • Shipping Netherlands-Spain
  • Shipping Netherlands-Italy
  • Shipping Netherlands-Norway
  • Shipping Netherlands-Sweden
  • Shipping Netherlands-Finland
  • Shipping Netherlands-Denmark
  • Shipping Netherlands-Austria
  • Shipping Netherlands-Poland
  • Shipping Netherlands-Czech Republic
  • Shipping Netherlands-Slovenia
  • Shipping Netherlands-Slovakia
  • Shipping Netherlands-Hungary
  • Shipping Netherlands-Croatia
  • Shipping Netherlands-Estonia
  • Shipping Netherlands-Latvia
  • Shipping Netherlands-Lithuania
  • Shipping Netherlands-Romania
  • Shipping Netherlands-Serbia
  • Shipping Netherlands-Bulgaria
  • Shipping Netherlands-Greece
  • Are you looking to import goods into the Netherlands? The following lanes are available to you on-demand:.

  • Shipping Belgium-Netherlands
  • Shipping France-Netherlands
  • Shipping Germany-Netherlands
  • Shipping UK-Netherlands
  • Shipping Ireland-Netherlands
  • Shipping Luxembourg-Netherlands
  • Shipping Portugal-Netherlands
  • Shipping Spain-Netherlands
  • Shipping Italy-Netherlands
  • Shipping Norway-Netherlands
  • Shipping Sweden-Netherlands
  • Shipping Finland-Netherlands
  • Shipping Denmark-Netherlands
  • Shipping Austria-Netherlands
  • Shipping Poland-Netherlands
  • Shipping Czech Republic-Netherlands
  • Shipping Slovenia-Netherlands
  • Shipping Slovakia-Netherlands
  • Shipping Hungary-Netherlands
  • Shipping Croatia-Netherlands
  • Shipping Estonia-Netherlands
  • Shipping Latvia-Netherlands
  • Shipping Lithuania-Netherlands
  • Shipping Romania-Netherlands
  • Shipping Serbia-Netherlands
  • Shipping Bulgaria-Netherlands
  • Shipping Greece-Netherlands
  • *Follow the links above and read more about the transit times and shipping costs & rates per specific lane.

    Ordering parcel deliveries (B2C & B2B)? This is currently only available for shipments with a pick-up address in the Netherlands. You can send parcels to more than 30+ destinations. Check it on our platform!

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    Shipping Amsterdam

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    What freight services are available for Amsterdam?

    For international pallet shipping, make use of our B2B solutions. Ship for instance from Amsterdam to France, from Belgium to Amsterdam or from Amsterdam to Germany with ease.

    Within the Netherlands, you can also ship directly to consumers (B2C).

    There is no restriction in terms of the number of parcels and pallets. Whether it concerns groupage, LTL or FTL, it is all possible.

    Side loading and backlift & pallet jack are available extra options.

    You can also send parcels from anywhere in the Netherlands to Amsterdam. Parcel shipments are currently only supported with pick-up in the Netherlands. You can however ship parcels to more than 30 different European countries.

    Lastly, you can ship freight to, Amazon, Zalando and other fulfilment and distribution centers.

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    What often gets shipped to and from Amsterdam?

    As an official partner of Amazon, numerous companies use Quicargo to ship their freight to Amazon.

    Besides shipping to Amazon, platform users send a large variety of goods.

    Whether it is plastics, textiles or electronics, for large volumes it is usually safer and more cost-effective to send it all at once on pallets.

    Parcel deliveries are currently only available for shipments from the Netherlands.

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    Strength of using multiple carriers

    Combine the strength of carriers with each their own specialities

    Use Quicargo to get matched with the most appropriate carrier for your goods.

    National and International shipments, pallets and (oversized) parcels, mounted forklift, B2C...

    With Quicargo, you get access to all.
    • All our carriers are AVC/CMR insured

    What most people want to know about shipping Amsterdam

    Yes, the shipping rates for transport Amsterdam are including diesel tax, excl. VAT.

    No, you cannot ship as a consumer to Amsterdam. You need to have a registered business to make use of Quicargo.

    The different type of Pallets you can ship to and from Amsterdam:


    The different type of parcels you can use to export from the Netherlands:

    • Standard parcels: max 130 centimeters in length and 20 kilograms
    • Non-standard parcels: between 130 and 175 centimeters, between 20 and 31,5 kilograms and max 300 cm in size
    • Oversized parcels: max 380 centimeters in length, between 30 and 70 kg and max 700cm in size

    You can do the following to avoid extra costs for shipments with a pick-up or delivery in Amsterdam:

    • Have the loading and unloading set to between 8:00 and 17:00
    • Avoid any waiting costs. The standard waiting time for 1-2 pallets is 15 minutes, 30 minutes for 3-19 pallets and 1 hour for 20-33 pallets (2 hours for international shipments).
    • Select the right requirements (backlift & pallet jack, side loading and mounted forklift. I.e. if there is no loading dock, you may need a mounted forklift. In doubt, contact our service department.

    The first Monday after delivery, you will receive the invoice. You have the following payment options:

    • IDEAL
    • SEPA direct debit
    • Bancontact
    • Direct bank transfer

    1 out of 2 trucks in Europe drive around empty. By using Quicargo, you are efficiently making use of unused capacity to reduce the number of empty trucks on the road.

    As such, you are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic.

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