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Zalando fulfilment solutions (ZFS) enables companies to sell their fashion and lifestyle products via the booming e-commerce platform. Are you already a member or looking into it? Then you should also think about the logistics and transportation to the warehouses of the online marketplace.

The European ecommerce company delivers goods to 17 different countries. With this number only growing, Zalando is opening up more and more distribution centers. To get your products to the right warehouse in a timely and professional matter, you can use Quicargo. Whether you need to send your merchandise to the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, France and other destinations… With our intuitive digital platform, you enjoy effortless shipping to Zalando warehouses.

How does shipping to Zalando warehouses work?

Shipping to Zalando warehouses is easy with Quicargo. Create an account on our digital platform and fill out the details of your Zalando shipment.

Our portal is able to automatically detect that the delivery address concerns a DC from Zalando. As such, after confirming your order, our operations team will make an unloading appointment with the warehouse for you.

Next, you will be notified within 1 working day of the date we are able to pick-up and deliver your goods. Note that due to this strict booking system, we cannot guarantee an exact delivery date whilst placing your order.

Once you accept the dates we give you, you can sit back and enjoy how the Quicargo team takes care of the logistics.

You can easily follow the process of your shipment within your account and you are informed of every step. The documentation of your order can all be found online. It is that easy!

Sealing and safe packaging of Zalando pallets

For a smooth transit between your pick-up and delivery location, it is important to safely place your goods on pallets. This will help to diminish operational problems such as damaged merchandise and transport delays.

You can use the short video below as an illustration on how to package your Zalando pallets in a professional way.

Examples of shipping quotes to ZFS distribution centers

Use the table below to get an indication of our spot shipping quotes to Zalando DCs from the Netherlands.

The prices are calculated based on the journey from Amsterdam for 1 pallet shipments and for full truckloads. Of course, on our platform you can enter your own pick-up address. These rates serve solely as an indication.

Delivery address1 palletFTL (33)
BRIESELANG€ 121,37€ 1.195,20
ERFURT€ 112,11€ 1.104,69
LAHR€ 99,77€ 1.160,23
MÖNCHENGLADBACH€ 83,31€ 441,87

*Prices are based on europallets. Last update 05-07-2021

Fast deliveries to Zalando

Do you need a quick shipping solution? Use our spot transport services: instant quotes and place orders within no-time!

Daily or regular transport

Do you have a high number of pallets to ship to ZFS warehouses on a daily or regular basis? Request a customized quote and save up to 20%, depending on the volume.

More questions?

Can I send full truckloads to Zalando?

Yes, via Quicargo you can easily indicate the number of pallets you want to ship. It does not matter whether you need to send 1 single pallet or a FTL of 25+ pallets.

How come there is sometimes waiting time?

Just like with transport to Amazon warehouses, Coolblue and logistics via Bol; many trucks unload goods each day at the DC’s of Zalando. As such, waiting time cannot always be avoided during peak seasons.

Why are your shipping quotes lower than most shipping companies?

Quicargo benefits from a large network of professional shipping companies. By efficiently using the empty capacity of those carriers, we offer you better rates, without conceding on quality.

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