Calculate the girth of your package with our package girth calculator!

On this page, you can calculate the girth of your parcels in no time. Check the page further for information about parcel girth, the calculation and more about Quicargo.

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Parcel length and girth calculator

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Do you have a webshop? Do you sell goods through marketplaces like, Amazon or Zalando? Do you regularly ship parcels? Then the terms maximum weight, maximum girth and maximum length will not sound unfamiliar to you. Do you want to ship your parcels as efficiently as possible? Then calculating the size of your parcel in the right way is extremely important!

Besides the reliable shipping of parcels, you can now also leave the calculation of the girth of your parcel to Quicargo. Whether you want to ship standard, non-standard or oversized parcels, the girth calculation for your parcel is done in a few seconds by using Quicargo’s handy calculation tool. This leaves you more time for other things. That’s great!

The girth of the parcel: why is this calculation important?

Different courier services have a limitation which they often describe as the maximum girth. This maximum girth is the maximum combined length and outline of your package to be sent. But why do these courier services use a size limit? By imposing a maximum size, it is guaranteed that your parcel will fit comfortably on the sorting belts and in the vehicles.

At Quicargo, we use several courier services, which means that the maximum girth is very extensive. Both standards, non-standard and oversized parcels, can be shipped easily and quickly via Quicargo.

Calculate parcel girth: the calculation

Would you like to know how the girth of a parcel is calculated? When calculating the girth, you actually combine the dimensions of the package with the length of the package. You can calculate this yourself or you can easily use the calculator. Here, the width and height of the package are multiplied by 2.

The result is called the outline of the parcel. Then we multiply the outline by the length and in this way calculate the girth.

Girth calculations: example

You can also calculate the girth of your parcel yourself. The first step is to measure all sides of the parcel you want to send. For example, the length is 40 centimetres, the width 30 centimetres and the height 20 centimetres.

Example parcel
40 cm (length) x 30 cm (width) x 20 cm (height)

The second step is to calculate the outline of the parcel. Another option is to quickly enter the length, height, and width in the calculator or calculate them manually. To do this, you add up the width and height of the package and multiply by 2. You add up to 30 centimetres (width) with 20 centimetres (height) in this example. This gives you 50 centimetres. The final outline is 100 centimetres (50 cm x 2).

Example parcel
30 cm (width) + 20 cm (height) = 50 cm.
50 cm x 2 = 100 cm (outline)

To calculate the final girth of the parcel, add the outline to the length of the parcel. This way, you add 100 centimetres to 40 centimetres (length) and get a size of 140 centimetres.

Example parcel
100 cm (outline) + 40 cm (length) = 140 cm ( girth)

Need to transport parcels? Rely on Quicargo!

Have you calculated the girth of your parcel(s)? Then the next step is to arrange the right delivery. Take advantage of Quicargo’s digital transport platform. With us, sending parcels is made very easy: within a few clicks, you’re done! Register now and discover the advantages for yourself.

Besides, with Quicargo you choose for a transport industry where sustainability and innovation are primary. With the help of data and technology, we link your parcel to a (freight) vehicle that was already on its way anyway. No new carrier needs to be on the road. This saves you time and money and saves us all CO2 emissions. Win-win!

Parcel specifications

 Standard parcelNon-standard parcelOversized parcels*
Length0 – 130 cm130 – 175 cm0 – 380 cm
Weight0 – 20 kg20 – 31,5 kg30 – 70 kg
(= length + 2x width + 2x height)
Max. 300 cmMax. 300 cmMax. 700 cm

*Oversized parcels will be available soon.

Incidental and small volume freight

Would you like to use Quicargo for quick and irregular shipments? We then advise you to take a look at our spot market. Even for small volumes, we offer incredible rates. Go and check it out!

High volume and regular transport

Do you have regular lanes and more than 10 shipments per month for which you need transporting? Then you should request a quote for contracted rates. By doing so, you can save up to another 20% in shipping costs.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the maximum dimensions and weight?

The maximum weight of a parcel for address deliveries is 31,5kg and the maximum length 1.75 meter.

If your shipment is to a parcelshop, then the maximum is 20 kilograms and the max length is 1 meter.

What is the maximum size?

The maximum size is 3 meters for address deliveries and 2,5 meters for deliveries at parcelshops.

To calculate the parcel size, you can use the following formula:

size = length + 2x width + 2x height

My parcel is lost, what do I do?

If your track and trace cannot help you, then you should contact our support team.

What else can Quicargo help you with?

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