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Book your transport for pallets in Europe with ease via Quicargo. Whether you are looking for a transportation company in the Netherlands, Germany or France, Quicargo offers you the best solution.

Sharp prices, professional service and great flexibility. That is what you can expect from us. On this page, we have outlined all the destinations you can ship to.

Shipping destinations: to which countries in Europe can we transport your loads?

For the destinations, we make a distinction between spot and contracted rates:

Spot transportation, which is basically a shipping solution for small volumes, fast transportation or an incidental shipment. For this service, you will get a direct quote and you can place the order within a couple of minutes on our digital platform.

Important: spot rates are currently available for import & export of freight to the Netherlands and Belgium as well as for shipping within Germany

In the table below, you can find the starting rates for shipments from the Netherlands.

DestinationsStarting price
Shipping Netherlands€ 39,-
Shipping Belgium€ 57,-
Shipping Luxembourg€ 72,-
Shipping Germany€ 77,-
Shipping Poland€ 83,-
Shipping Denmark€ 108,-
Shipping France€ 130,-
Shipping Italy€ 149,-
Shipping Spain€ 143,-
Shipping Sweden€ 164,-
Shipping Estonia€ 161,-
Shiping Latvia€ 162,-
Shipping Lithuania€ 117,-
Shipping Austria€ 113,-
Shipping Portugal€ 148,-
Shipping Romania€ 145,-
Shipping Czech Republic€ 115,-
Shipping United Kingdom€ 116,-
Shipping Slovakia€ 140,-
Shipping Croatia€ 144,-
Shipping Hungary€ 169,-
Shipping Bulgaria€ 197,-
Shipping Norway€ 204,-
Shipping Finland€ 211,-
Shipping Greece€ 233,-
Shipping Serbia€ TBC,-

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last update 05-01-2021

For contracted rates and international routes outside of the Benelux, you can simply request a quote and we will get back to you with an offer within one working day. For example for shipments from France to Spain, or for freight transport from the UK to Germany.

Spot market

For less than 10 shipments per month, take a look at our spot market for transportation. You can order a shipment for your goods within a couple of minutes for a great price!

Regular transport and daily lanes

For regular shipments (more than 10 per month), you can benefit from our contracted rates. Save up to another 20% in shipping costs.

Frequently asked questions

Can I request a quote for other non-listed countries?

No, Quicargo only operates in the countries which are shown on this page.

Can I use the spot market in all countries?

The spot market is available for all transport to, from and within the Netherlands, and for shipping within Belgium. For all other routes, you can request a quote.

Is it possible to schedule a demo?

Yes, Quicargo offers the possibility to schedule a demo via our website. Discover all the perks and benefits you can get from working with our digital platform.

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