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NL BE DE FR IT AT SI HR HU RO BG GR AL SK CZ PL LT LV EE FI SE NO DK ES PT UK IE Shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers is only available from NLClick on an available country to get more info Is your lane or country not available for Amazon shipping? Amazon Destinations SI Available lanes The Netherlands Unavailable lane Available for regular transport
NL BE DE FR IT AT SI HR HU RO BG GR AL SK CZ PL LT LV EE FI SE NO DK ES PT UK IE Shipping to Amazon fulfillment centers is only available from NLClick on an available country to get more info Is your lane or country not available for Amazon shipping? Amazon Destinations SI Available lanes The Netherlands Unavailable lane Available for regular transport

Do you work with Amazon and do you have goods which you need to ship directly to their warehouses?

Then you are in the right place. By shipping with Quicargo, you take advantage of a strong network of professional carriers that is specialized in Amazon shipments. Those type of carriers are usually difficult to find, as they need to adhere to strict rules and regulations. Within our network, we have ‘preferred carriers’ who are able to ship to the fulfillments centers.

Place and follow your orders digitally via our online platform. Request a shipment within a couple of minutes. Companies such as  200 Fahrenheit, Winix and LuXorB are already doing it!

Please be aware that you can only ship to Amazon fulfillment centers if your pickup location is in The Netherlands.

How does Amazon FBA transport work?

Amazon is obviously one of the biggest online marketplaces in the world. Millions of products are sold everyday. We can help you with the transportation and logistics for FBA.

To start shipping freight to a warehouse/fulfillment center of Amazon, you can follow these 6 steps:

  1. Sign up for free on our platform
  2. Enter the details of your shipment
  3. Our smart algorithms will select the best matching carrier for your freight
  4. We will make a delivery appointment with Amazon via their CARP planning system
  5. Once we receive a timeslot from Amazon, we will plan a pick-up date with you for your freight
  6. You make sure the goods are safely placed on pallets and packaged according to Amazon standards before getting picked up
  7. Our carrier will pick up your freight and unload at the destination
  8. You can follow your order and you will get important updates

Other points of attention

  • The pallets need to be fully sealed and the packaging has to comply to the Amazon terms and conditions
  • Pallets need to be loaded lengthwise
  • Maximum height of a pallet should not exceed 180cm
  • Maximum weight of a pallet should not exceed 500kg 
  • The freight must be placed on europallets (exception: UK)
  • When shipping to the UK, the freight must be placed on block pallets
  • Each pallet can only have one PO-number

FBA Europe: ship directly to these Amazon warehouses

With Quicago you can transport your Amazon shipment from the Netherlands to various Amazon warehouses all over Europe. Below, you will find a list of all destinations and their FBA codes.

There are many fulfillment centers of Amazon in Germany. Request transportation to those locations for your freight with ease via Quicargo.

CityPostal codeFBA Code
Bad Hersfeld36251FRA1 + 3
Dortmund44147DTM1 + 2
Neu Wulmstorf21629XDEI
Werne59368EDE4 + 5
Winsen & Hamburg21423HAM2

On a daily basis at Quicargo, we receive requests to ship Amazon freight to the 13 warehouses in France.

CityPostal codeFBA Code
Cestas Cannejan33610C-Logistique
Chatres en Brie77610XFRF
Garage les Gonesse95140EDA FR
Moissy Cramayel77550XFRH
Stains93240EDA wareh

For Amazon pallets UK, you can also use Quicargo to plan and order freight deliveries.

CityPostal codeFBA Code
BirminghamB24 9QJXUKK
CoalvilleLE67 1LBBHX2+6
DaventryNN11 8QLBHX3+XUDK
DoncasterDN4 SJSLBA1+2+3
DunfermlineKY11 8STEDI4
DunstableLUS 4RWLTN4
GourockPA19 1BQGLA1
Great Sankey/WarringtonM90 5AAMAN2
Hemel HempsteadHP 27LFLTN2
LondonE3 3JGLCY1
Milton KeynesMK43 OZALTN1
PeterboroughPE2 9ENEUKS
RugeleyWS15 1LXBHX1wareh
Runcorn CheshireWA7 38NXUKA
SwanseaSA1 8QXCWL1
TilburyRM18 7ANEDA wareh
WalsallWS9 8DTUnit W9
WellingboroughNN8 6ARXUKC

Transport to spain: Quicargo can also help you get the right carrier to get your freight to one of the 6 warehouses in Spain.

CityPostal codeFBA Code
Barcelona8000BCN 1,2,3
Cabanillas del C19171BESA
Toledo45224EDA Warehouse

Need a specialist for transport to Italy? We can send your freight by truck to the following 7 destinations:

CityPostal codeFBA Code
Arquà Polesine RO45031XITD
Castel San Giovanni29015MXP1,3,5
Formello00060EDA Warehouse
Francolino di Carpiano20080MXP1,3,5
Passo Corese02032FC01
Torrazza Piemonte10037TRN1

Looking for transport to Poland with regards to FBA? Order your shipments quickly via Quicargo!

CityPostal codeFBA Code
Bielany Wroclaskie55-075WRO1,2
Swiecko69-100CHL Logistik

At the moment, we deliver pallets to one Amazon warehouse in Czech Republic.

CityPostal codeFBA Code
Dobroviz252 61PRG2

Ship your pallets to Amazon Sweden. See the fulfilment center below:

CityPostal codeFBA Code

Ad hoc shipping

Are you in need of easy to book and fast shipments? Take a direct look at our spot prices and get an instant quote. You can have your request finalized within a couple of minutes!

Contracted shipping

Looking for a good deal when it comes to your daily or recurring transport? From 10 shipments per month and more, we advise you to request a tailor-made quote. You can save up to 20%, depending on the volume!

Any further questions?

How does the unloading of goods work at the fulfillment centers?

To unload your goods, we need to make an appointment for you with Amazon by using their CARP booking system. You will need to provide us with the following information:

  • Name of warehouse
  • FBA/ASN number
  • Purchase order (PO) number
  • Amount of pallets per PO
  • Total weight

Can you only ship to and from the Benelux?

No, you can also request shipments in other European countries by requesting an international quote.

Are you more expensive than traditional carriers?

No, in more than 90% of cases we offer more competitive rates than traditional carriers. You profit from our smart and efficient way of using the empty capacity of our partners.