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When you ship your cargo via transport company Quicargo, you can choose between different types of pallets. In addition to the mini pallet and euro pallet, block pallets are also frequently used by shippers, freight forwarders and carriers.

Do you often send freight on block pallets? Then it is necessary to know a few things about this frequently used pallet. That is why we have listed the most important ins and outs about the block pallet for you.

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What is a block pallet?

A block pallet is a strong pallet and is often made of wood.

The pallet consists of several parts, namely the lower deck, the between deck, the upper deck and the blocks that connect the different parts to each other.

The block pallet might also be referred to as the industrial pallet or 4-way pallet.

The block pallet is the strongest and largest pallet with which you can send your goods via the Quicargo platform to the Netherlands or other countries in Europe, such as Germany, Spain or France.

Block pallet size: what are the dimensions?

The block pallet dimensions are quite large compared to other pallets, such as the euro pallet or the mini pallet. Because of its size, the block pallet is very suitable for sending larger goods, such as a desk.

What are the block pallet dimensions? The size of block pallets are 100 × 120 cm.

Usually a maximum of 26 block pallets fit in a trailer of an average sized truck. For most trucks we then refer to a full truckload. Do you want to ship less than 26 industrial pallets? Then you can choose for LTL or groupage transport.

Block pallet weight: how much can block pallets carry?

A block pallet can carry up to 1000 kg of freight. There is no other pallet that is able to carry this much weight.

Although the maximum load capacity of industrial pallets is 1000 kg, it is recommended to not ship more than 875 kg of goods per pallet. This is due to the fact that otherwise the maximum weight a truck can handle might be exceeded. 

Does the block pallet weigh more than 875 kg? Then the number of loading meters is automatically increased on the Quicargo platform. Want to know more about loading meters and calculating the pallet loading? Find all the information you need on our page of the loading meter calculation tool!

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After the registration, you only need to fill in a few details about the pallet shipment. Then we will give you a direct quotation. Easy as that!

Don’t you want to ship your goods on block pallets, but on euro pallets or mini pallets? Then you can also rely on Quicargo. Easily arrange pallet shipment to the Netherland or many other countries in Europe, such as Germany, Belgium, Sweden or Portugal.

Less than 10 block pallet shipments per month?

For incidental deliveries under 10 pallets per month our spot market is the perfect solution for you! Quickly calculate your price and book your transportation within less than 1 minute!

More than 10 block pallet deliveries per month?

Looking for a good deal when it comes to your recurring transport? From 10 pallet shipments per month the Quicargo team happily prepares a tailor-made quote specifically for you. The bonus? You can save up to 20% on pallet shipping costs.

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Any further questions?

What is the difference between block pallets and euro pallets?

The block pallet and euro pallet differ in size, as the block pallet is larger than the euro pallet. Furthermore, the block pallet can carry a maximum of 875 kg, while this is 700 kg for the EUR pallet.

What kind of transport does Quicargo offer?

You can book all sorts of shipments with Quicargo, from FTL to LTL and groupage transport. You can also ship incidental or recurring.

Can I also book a B2C block pallet shipment?

Yes! Quicargo offers the possibility to book both B2B and B2C pallet transportation. Only C2C is not possible.

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