Important information about block pallets.

Block pallets: all you need to know.

When ordering shipments with Quicargo, you can opt for different types of pallets. One of them is the block pallet.

What is a block pallet?

A block pallet is a strong and squared pallet. It is the largest pallet that can be used via Quicargo to transport your goods.

Block pallet dimensions

Block pallets have a dimension of 100 by 120 centimeters (100x120cm). In most trucks, a full truckload consists of 26 block pallets.

How much weight can block pallet hold?

One single block pallet can hold cargo with a weight up to 1000 kilograms. These pallets are the largest type offered by Quicargo.

How do you ship a block pallet?

You can easily add up to 26 block pallets on the digitial platform of Quicargo. Fill in the pick-up and delivery location and get started. Shipping pallets has never been this easy.

Start shipping block pallets.

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