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Since 2017, has its own fulfillment center on the Mechie Trommelenweg and on the Pompweg in Waalwijk, The Netherlands. Ever since then are we receiving daily requests from Bol sellers to ship pallets to this location.

Do you also have pallets for that have to be transported? This can be easily arranged via Quicargo. You can place a shipment in an instance! Companies such as Profilec, MoreStorage, Grill&Stoves, Coffee Based and KeenDelivery have already preceded you.

How does shipping to warehouses and logistics via Bol work? logistics and transport for pallets is easily, digitally arranged via Quicargo. Before you start with the creation of a free account on our online platform, you can already check the prices with our price calculating tool. Through this way, you can get a first indication of the costs. Nowhere else will you find more transparency regarding prices. Afterwards, you can create an account on our platform completely free of charge and without obligation. Discover the ease with which you can book a shipment within our system. Whether it concerns transport within The Netherlands, transport from Belgium or a European shipment… The options are all available!

Do you have more than 20 pallet shipments per month to warehouses? Then it is smart to request a customized quote. Hence, you can save an additional 20% in costs, depending on the volumes.

Sealing and safe packaging of pallets

Although our carriers all have to meet strict conditions in accordance with insurance policies, it is important to package the products you send to as safely and properly as possible to prevent any damage of occurring during the transport.

Below, you can find a video with a clear explanation on how to seal and package a pallet. By following the instructions, you ensure that the goods are finalized correctly and you prevent any unnecessary delays.

Examples of shipping quotes to BOL

Below, you will find an overview of the prices to in Waalwijk from different cities. These rates are only an indicative and may differ slightly from the actual prices on the platform.

Pick-up address1 palletFTL (33)
Paris€ 161,-€ 1048,-
Frankfurt a.M.€ 91,54€ 718,05
Antwerp€ 61,50€ 381,-
Rotterdam€ 42,50€ 300,-
Amsterdam€ 45,-€ 340,-

*Prices are based on europallets. Last update 05-07-2021

For ad hoc shipments

Requesting a shipment? This is possible within a few minutes. You can do everything easily within the platform!

Daily or regular transport

Do you have a lot of pallets that need to be shipped to on a daily or regular basis? Request a customized quote and save up to 20%, depending on the volume.

More questions?

Can you register shipments from abroad?

Yes, you can place shipments from almost all European countries. Click here to see the overview.

How come waiting time often arises?

Just like with Amazon, Coolblue and Zalando; thousands of trucks arrive at every day to deliver goods. Due to circumstances, waiting times at peak moments can increase to over the hour mark. Please keep in mind that a surcharge fee may be applied as a result.

Why are your prices cheaper than with a traditional carrier?

We can offer you more competitive rates because we operate with a large network of carriers. By using empty capacity in a smart and efficient manner, you benefit from the most advantageous price in more than 90% of the cases.

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