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Quicargo has expertise in e-commerce logistics. We can simplify your supply chain and reduce your cost of transportation. Get started today!

Efficient e-commerce transport solutions.

For who?

Quicargo is a European logistics and transportation partner of many companies active in e-commerce. We work together with e-shops selling all kind of products, such as food & beverages, outdoor equipment, handmade items and many different commodities.

Also, you can easily order shipments to Amazon FBA fulfillment centers, freight deliveries to Bol.com, pallets to Zalando and Coolblue.

Trustworthy network

Are you looking for reliable transport? Quicargo has worked hard to create an efficient digital freight network which consists of only the best available carriers. This is also important for you, as it will minimize operational problems. We will always match your e-commerce freight with the most appropriate carrier for maximum efficiency.

Fair prices

Quicargo is able to offer better rates than most traditional carriers. In fact, our prices are on average 30% lower.

Superior service

Is service and support something you value? Quicargo scores a 4,5 out of 5 on Trustpilot. We go the extra mile.


Is your company active in e-fulfilment? Then Quicargo is an excellent partner when it comes to outsourcing transportation and logistics.

More control

Since 2016, we have consistently been working with companies focused on e-fulfilment. We notice that this segment is rapidly growing. This is mainly because Quicargo offers great control over, and solutions for your supply chain.

Integration possibilities

To maximize the efficiency of the transportation processes, we offer a fully integrated solution. For example with your ERP-system.

More than 10 pallets per month?

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Opt for expertise, partner up with Quicargo.

There are many reasons to choose Quicargo when it comes to e-commerce logistics. We have summarized a couple for you:

✓ Fully integrated solution

✓ One-stop-shop

✓ Scores excellently on Trustpilot

✓ Proactive and superior service

✓ Outstanding coverage in Europe

Other e-commerce companies trusting our services.

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