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From LTL , FTL and groupage shipments, road transport is hard to manage on your own. Quicargo’s digital transport platform allows you to access all of the details about your shipments in the blink of an eye! 

It is quite simple to use our transportation platform. Furthermore, shipping your goods through Europe with Quicargo is cost-effective since we have a competitive pricing structure and a long-term business plan.

International road transport with Quicargo

A major part of all European transport is carried out by road. Quicargo expanded their reach of transporting in Europe to more than 25 countries. Pallet shipping to Belgium? Quicargo is expanding rapidly and has launched spot transport within Belgium

Many trucks are empty or half-empty on these highways. Quicargo is working to solve this serious issue. Connecting your goods to carriers with vacant truck capacity in a cost-effective manner reduces CO2 emissions and reduces your carbon footprint. 

Quicargo uses the strength of each carrier and matches it with the right shipment for the most qualitative orders. All of our 300+ carriers are qualified for international road transport. Each of our carriers specializes in pallet shipping within Europe. 



Different kinds of road transport in Europe

Quicargo is you specialist in arranging road transport within Europe. Shipping LTL, FTL, Groupage? Quicargo’s fixed prices for shipping within Europe, make you benefit from the best road transport prices.

Quicargo offers smaller freight solutions like LTL. Hundreds of thousands of LTL shipments are hauled every day. Quicargo makes it extremely easy for you to schedule your LTL shipments swiftly and efficiently to our extensive coverage throughout the Benelux and Europe.

International LTL transport prices

pick-up addressdelivery addressprice*
Rotterdam, The NetherlandsAntwerp, Belgium€ 228,-
Bruges, BelgiumBrussels, Belgium€ 163,-
Zwolle, The NetherlandsFrankfurt a.M., Germany€ 285,31
Nijmegen, The NetherlandsParis, France€ 430,-
Emmen, The NetherlandsBarcelona, Spain€ 616,-

*These are the prices for 5 euro pallets. Last updated 07-10-2021

Groupage is a service that allows you to share a truck’s loading capacity with other shippers. These shipments usually consist of 1 to 5 pallets. Groupage services are more complicated since there are more parties involved. As a result, well-organized planning and efficient communication are even more critical.

International groupage transport prices

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
RotterdamAntwerp, Belgium€ 82,00
UtrechtDüsseldorf, Germany€ 84,36
BredaBarcelona, Spain€ 150,-
RotterdamParis, France€ 153,-
MaastrichtRome, Italy€ 284,92

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last updated 07-10-2021

FTL is the service of delivering a full truckload of goods by road. In most cases, a truck’s trailer can hold 33 europallets.

It is quite simple to request FTL shipments with Quicargo. Whether you need to ship pallets to the Netherlands, send freight to Belgium, organize a pallet delivery to Germany, or arrange road transport to France, we can help. Our digital platform can handle your FTL logistics across Europe with ease.

International FTL transport prices

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice*
Zwolle, The NetherlandsAntwerp, Belgium€ 552,-
Eindhoven, The NetherlandsLuxembourg, Luxembourg€ 556,50
Venlo, The NetherlandsHamburg, Germany€ 828,51
Frankfurt, GermanyRotterdam, The Netherlands€ 828,51
Amsterdam, The NetherlandsParis, France€ 998,-

*These are the delivery costs for 33 euro pallets/1 FTL. Last update 07-10-2021

Arranging just a few shipments per month?

When you are looking for a low-cost and highly-efficient solution, don’t look any further. The spot transport on our digital platform is specifically designed for matters like this. Interested in your price? Use our calculator for a direct pricing!

More than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Use Quicargo when you are in need of a recurring transport solution, both nationally and internationally. From 10 pallet shipments per month the Quicargo team makes a quote specifically for you. The bonus? You can save up to 20% on pallet shipping costs.

Any further questions?

I want to ship cargo, but don’t want to put it on pallets. Is this still possible?

Quicargo’s carriers are only able to ship your goods when it is packed on pallets. This namely helps us deliver your road freight in a fast and safe way.

B2C shipments, can I use Quicargo for this?

We currently only offer B2C shipments within the Netherlands.

Can I request a quote via the website?

Yes, Quicargo gives you the possibility to request a quote online. You can do this by filling in your information at the sign up page. This is done in a couple of minutes!

Is my freight insuranced?

All shipments are AVC/CMR qualified. This means that your shipment is partially insured. We don’t offer other insurances.

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