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98% Quicargo

74% Industry standard


1 MIN Quicargo

36 MIN Industry standard


99% Quicargo

63% Industry standard

Our experience of working with the Quicargo platform is straightforward. When we receive an order, it takes maximum 1 minute to book our shipment.

Timo Poort
Logistics planner JetDrinks

Timo Poort logistics planner JetDrinks

Benefit from many perks

Increased transparancy

Monitor the progress of your goods and stay informed about any delays or issues.

Lower costs

Use Quicargo to secure better rates than you would be able to negotiate on your own.

Premium support

Depending on your deal, get priority support or a dedicated customer success manager to ensure a seamless experience.

No, we do not charge a subscription fee to get access to any of the deal rates plans.

Platform rates: directly available to you from the moment you create your free account.
These rates are generally 30% lower than industry standards.
By ordering with Quicargo, you efficiently use empty capacity from carriers in Europe.

Deal rates: need to be requested via this page and only available to shippers with high volumes.
Depending on the number of shipments per month, you can save up to an extra 20% in shipping costs.

The offered deal rates will be fixed for the remainder of the calendar year. At year-end, an annual indexation will be communicated via email that will be used to determine the deal rates for the next calendar year.

Be aware that the fuel surcharge is variable and may cause the total rate to change over time. Check our fuel monitor to understand how the fuel surcharge is calculated and applied.

In case market conditions are changing significantly, then Quicargo may propose alternative rates. Such changes will always be announced in time via email.

The deal rates are based on an indicated transport volume. Quicargo may change or terminate the deal rates in case this volume has not been reached. Any change will always be communicated in time via email.

In case your actual volume is significantly higher than the indicated volume, then please reach out to our sales team in order to discuss the possibility of superior deal rates.

It is possible to have a scheduled (daily) pick-up in case there is recurring transport volume for a certain area, for instance for shipments within the Benelux or international shipments to be shipped to a certain country. The scheduled pickup will be agreed upon with a dedicated carrier who will make sure to reserve sufficient capacity for these recurring transport lanes.

Yes, you can combine pallet, parcel, and Amazon deals. However, the deal rates for each type of shipment will be calculated separately. You can fill out a new form to get an offer. You will receive an offer within 30 seconds.