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The Quicargo Story

As CEO of his family transport company in Israel, Quicargo founder Avishai Trabelsi (CEO) was faced with low margins caused by competition in the market and increasing costs on a daily basis. Because of this reason, he started the logistics start-up Quicargo together with Roni Liberman in the summer of 2016.

The story

When I realised half of all trucks in the industry drive around empty and the only solution to my problem could not be found in the market, I decided to withdraw from the family business in order to tackle the problem on a global scale.‘ – Avishai

That same year, Avishai and Roni moved to the Netherlands. Here they gathered the best European logistics experts around them in order to find a solution for the transport industry.

The international team of highly motivated professionals at Quicargo is poised to revolutionize the road freight transport industry. With guaranteed efficiency and a reduction in CO2-emissions, traffic congestion and financial losses.

Explanation via video

In 2019, Quicargo had the honor to speak at the NOAH19 event in London for start-ups and scale-ups. In the video below, Avishai (CEO) provides a clear explanation of our company.

Meet the team

An international, dedicated team that is ready to enter and expand new markets. That’s us in a nutshell! We combine our expertise in logistics, technology and business development in order to give the market a push in the right direction.

The Quicargo team

Avishai Trabelsi


CO-founder & CEO

Roni Liberman


CO-founder & CPO

Sam Houwen


CO-founder & CCO

Tiago Jacobi



Advisory board

Our advisory board consists of European logistics experts with years of experience and an extensive European network.

Dr. Walther Ploos van Amstel


VU University, Amsterdam logistics expert & lector

Peter Sierat


Transport for Netherlands (TLN), former CEO

Willem J. Prinsen


TNT Former MD Germany & Benelux

Wolfgang Lehmacher


World Economic Forum, former head of supply chain & transport

Strengthen our team!

At Quicargo, we change the way road freight shipping works. Do you also want to radically transform the logistics sector? Than you are more than welcome to join our team!

Our mission: no more empty trucks

At least 50% of all trucks driving on European roads are (partially) empty. This not only results in an enormous amount of wasted raw materials and environmental pollution, but it also holds major economic consequences. Quicargo provides a higher load factor for pallet shipping.

Small overview of Quicargo's customers:

Popal vervoerderlogo
Internationale pallets PromoBee klantlogo
Groepage logistiek Knauf klantlogo
FTL transport klantlogo DSM
verzender Scanmodul
Internationaal transport ODB Beverages klantlogo

Any further questions?

Can you solely ship pallets via Quicargo?

Yes, Quicargo is a digital platform for pallet shipments. Everything that is safely packed on pallets can be transferred via our carriers.

Is Quicargo also active abroad (i.e. outside of the Netherlands)?

Quicargo’s digital platform can be utilized in almost all European countries. For an overview of these countries we would like to refer you to our destinations page.

Can consumers also use Quicargo’s transport platform?

No, Quicargo’s services can solely be used by businesses. Businesses can book both B2B and B2C pallet transportations. 

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