Is your webshop using Sendcloud? Choose Quicargo as your carrier!

Are you looking for a carrier for pallets and oversized parcels (up to 70 kg) via Sendcloud? Then use our integration. Within a few clicks, you get access to the largest digital freight network in Europe.

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✓ More than 10,000 trucks are ready to pick up your Sendcloud shipments

✓ All-in-one solution for pallets and oversized parcels (up to 70 kg)

✓ Reduce your CO2 emissions by making smart use of empty cargo space

Why many e-commerce companies are using Sendcloud

Sendcloud is on its way to becoming the largest shipping platform for online retailers. With more than 15,000 customers, a team of +250 employees and dozens of integrated carriers, the shipping software has an increasingly broad reach within the e-commerce world.

Do you have a webshop, and don’t you arrange your shipping process with Sendcloud yet? Here are four advantages of why you should consider using Sendcloud!

Higher conversions

Offer customers flexible delivery options.


Simplify your entire shipping process

Track & Trace

Keep customers informed with smart status updates


Give customers the chance to return easily

Why you should choose Quicargo as your carrier via Sendcloud

Quicargo is one of the few carriers affiliated with Sendcloud that allows you to send pallets to both companies (B2B) and individuals (B2C).

Quicargo is also one of the few carriers that can quickly ship large and heavy packages (‘uglies’ up to 70 kg).

Via Sendcloud, you will quickly notice that Quicargo often offers the best rates, especially for pallets and long-distance shipments. The reason for this is that when you choose Quicargo, you make efficient use of empty space. Your loads are matched with the most appropriate carrier to diminish the waste of resources and to reduce CO2 emissions.

Max Weight Dimensions Pickups
31,5 kg Size 300 cm Length 175 cm Before 05:00 pm Fixed pickup from 100 shipments per month
QUICARGO OVERSIZED 70 kg Size 700 cm Length 380 cm Before 05:00 pm Fixed pickup from 100 shipments per month
QUICARGO PALLETS BENELUX 875 kg 100 x 120 x 235 cm Before 05:00 pm
QUICARGO PALLETS INTERNATIONAL 875 kg 100 x 120 x 235 cm Before 03:00 pm

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Never wait for a quote again

Calculate your freight cost in real-time

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Within your account of Sendcloud, do the following:

Settings » Carriers & Pricing » Search for Quicargo » Click on activate

Having trouble? Please have a look at the articles from the help centre of Sendcloud or contact them.

WooCommerce, Shopify, Lightspeed, Wix… All the popular CMS systems can be easily connected to Sendcloud, and thus to Quicargo.

The same goes for online market places like Amazon,, eBay, and many more.

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Parcel weight: max 31,5 kg

Sendcloud has 4 different package deals:


Check out the pricing options in more detail on the Sendcloud website.