A modern and innovative transportation company.

Quicargo is far from a traditional transport company. We combine our expertise in logistics with powerful technology.

Transportation company for both carriers and shippers.

For the shippers

At Quicargo, we are working towards the future of the transportation industry. Our efficient solutions will grant you – as a shipper – many benefits.

Resilient network

Are you looking for help with your freight, but you do not want to be dependent of one single party? Then it is a great choice to opt for the large network of carriers of Quicargo to handle your cargo.

Great prices

Would you like to save costs? Our quotes are always affordable and usually lower or similar to our competitors, both nationally and internationally.

Superior service

Is service and support something you value? Quicargo scores a 4,5 out of 5 on Trustpilot, with more and more reviews coming in each month. We go the extra mile for our clients!

For the carriers

As a carrier, you can also benefit from joining the Quicargo platform.

Many requests

Join our carrier network and receive orders from our shippers within no-time.

Optimize loading capacity

Many of our carriers use our platform to fill up the loading space of their trucks. Ideal to generate an extra income.

Simple example

Do you have trucks driving back empty or partially empty to the Netherlands or anywhere else in Europe? Make a pitstop for one of our shippers. It is that easy.

Choose a modern transport company, choose Quicargo.

There are many reasons to choose for Quicargo as your transportation company. We have summarized a couple for you:

✓ Fully integrated solution

✓ One-stop-shop

✓ Scores excellently on Trustpilot

✓ Proactive and superior service

✓ Outstanding coverage in Europe

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Fast, simple and transparent.

Recurring transport

Let's build a long and profitable relationship. Get the best prices for your regular transport needs.
  • Competitive and discounted prices
  • Dedicated and reliable support team
  • Fully automated integration
  • End-to-end solution
  • Weekly reporting