Transport Europe: Quicargo's specialty when it comes to pallets!

Arrange your transport Europe with Quicargo. Why? Because we offer competitive prices, reliable carriers and great services. Both B2B and B2C.

✓ save up to 30%

✓ no contract costs

✓ specialized carriers

International shipments are often transported by a lot of carriers, to a lot of different locations. It can be very time consuming and frustrating when you have to call all of these carriers in order to get a clear overview. At Quicargo’s digital transport platform you can find all the information of your shipments within the blink of an eye!

Using our transport platform is very easy. On top of that, it is profitable to ship your goods through Europe via Quicargo, as we offer a competitive price system and have a sustainable business strategy.

Are you planning on shipping just a couple of shipments per month? Than our spot transport system is the best option for you.

Arrange transport throughout Europe with Quicargo

The growth of Quicargo doesn’t go unnoticed in Europe. With a reach that is expanding to more than 20 countries, and having launched spot transport within Belgium, we are going forward at the highest gear!

The amount of roads in Europe is countless. Germany, Spain and France alone already have 2.2 million kilometers of road. On these roads, a lot of trucks are empty or half-empty. Quicargo is changing this major problem. Connecting your cargo to carriers with empty truck capacity in an efficient way, leads to a reduced amount of CO2-emissions and a smaller carbon footprint.

Shipping pallets in Europe, Quicargo's benefits

Quicargo is one of the fastest growing digital logistics companies in Europe. We can offer more and more options to shippers when it comes to flexibility in shipping pallets to international countries. In the following section we will give you just a couple of examples of why you should pick Quicargo.

  •  We offer smaller freight solutions like LTL and groupage, but we also offer the option to arrange FTL‘s with Quicargo.
  • Our prices are very competitive. This is because we connect carriers that are already on the road to cargo in an efficient way. 
  • You are free to choose the shipping dates that match your schedule the best. This means that you can arrange shipments in the most sufficient way possible. 
  • Quicargo only uses carriers that are experienced and have knowledge of the delivery of goods through Europe. This means your shipment is in good hands!

Shipping cost examples for transport Europe

The growth of Quicargo doesn’t go unnoticed in Europe. With a reach that is expanding to more than 20 countries, and having launched spot transport within Belgium, we are going forward at the highest gear!

Below you will find an overview with frequently used routes for spot transportation within Europe. This is meant to give you a more visual and direct perspective of what costs you can expect.

Keep in mind that these prices are meant for indicative purposes. The ultimate shipping costs can differentiate, depending on different factors, such as the weight and types of pallets used for road freight.


Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
Amsterdam München€ 104,-
KopenhagenRotterdam€ 141,-
LyonDen Bosch€ 172,-
RomeUtrecht€ 210,-
AthensThe Hague€ 226,-

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last updated on July 16, 2020.

Arranging just a few shipments per month?

When you are looking for a low-cost and highly-efficient solution, don’t look any further. The spot transport on our digital platform is specifically designed for matters like this. Interested in your price? Use our calculator for a direct pricing!

More than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Use Quicargo when you are in need of a recurring transport solution, both nationally and internationally. From 10 pallet shipments per month the Quicargo team makes a quote specifically for you. The bonus? You can save up to 20% on pallet shipping costs.

These clients already benefited from Quicargo in 2020:

Pallet shipping Aldi clientlogo
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Any further questions?

I want to ship cargo, but don’t want to put it on pallets. Is this still possible?

Quicargo’s carriers are only able to ship your goods when it is packed on pallets. This namely helps us deliver your road freight in a fast and safe way.

B2C shipments, can I use Quicargo for this?

You can! B2B and B2C shipments are both possible to book via our platform. B2C will cost you a little bit more because of the delivery locations. 

Can I request a quote via the website?

Yes, Quicargo gives you the possibility to request a quote online. You can do this by filling in your information at the sign up page. This is done in a couple of minutes!

Is my freight insuranced?

All shipments are AVC/CMR qualified. This means that your shipment is partially insured. We don’t offer other insurances.

Spot prices or fixed prices

Use our spot market

A flexible solution for direct or urgent shipping.

✓ Fast and simple
✓ Better service, lower costs
✓ Place a shipment within 1 minute

Get fixed prices

For 10+ pallet shipments per month, requesting a quote is more advantageous

✓ Fixed rates for the whole year
Save up to an additional 20%

✓ Dedicated contact person
Enjoy extra service and smooth communication

✓ IT integration
Work and handle shipments within your own system

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