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Fill empty capacity

Join Quicargo’s network of shippers and carriers and increase your revenue by adding extra freight shipments to the routes you already operate.

Eco-friendly processes

Work 100% digital, communicate faster, and ABOVE all – operate GREENER. Minimize your carbon footprint by utilizing your empty space.

quick payments

Enjoy the fast payment system Quicargo has established with its shippers. Always receive your money within 30 days.

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» Quicargo is trusted by logistics and supply chain managers from well-known international brands

Do you find it hard to find shippers with freight to fill up your capacity as a transporter or are you simply looking for extra loads? Quicargo helps you with this.

We connect you – as a carrier, with the shippers which fit your transportation profile. This is extremely handy to create some extra revenue.

Imagine your truck is returning to base. However, on our platform you find a shipment which is on that exact route. You can then tell your vehicle to make an extra stop. A great way of reducing empty kilometers and inefficient planning!

Quicargo is always looking for new hauliers to join our digital freight network. Whether you are strong regionally, nationally or internationally, register to our platform and benefit from extra pallet assignments.

Find shippers and extra freight loads

Quicargo’s digital transport platform has made it very easy for shippers to be connected to their carriers. Joining our network means making it accessible for all  parties involved to reduce time, costs and our carbon footprint.

On a daily basis numerous of shippers originating from many different industries place orders. This means all different types of goods are offered for transport. These orders can be national, but they might also be international, as Quicargo is active in more than 20 countries in Europe.

When signing up, it is important for us to know which materials and type of truck you own. This way we can set up your preferences, so that we can help you find appropriate freight orders.

“The extra volume from Quicargo enables us to increase the profitability of our trucks”
Wouter Verhoef
General Manager België, Ben Becker BVBA

Benefits of becoming an active freight haulier for Quicargo

Quicargo’s benefits are limitless, literally. When you sign up on our platform, you are not committed to anything, as there are no obligations. So when you don’t want to complete a delivery, or when you’re busy doing other tasks, you can simply stop accepting shipments. That is completely up to you, and it won’t cost you anything!

Something that a lot of carriers appreciate of Quicargo, is that payments are processed within 30 days!

The biggest advantage is the flexibility that comes with our platform. Are a lot of trucks driving back half-empty or completely empty? That is of course not very efficient! Just look on our platform to see if there are shipments that can be picked up on the way. Most of the time there will be orders to pick up for extra profits and reduced empty driving. That’s a win-win for both you and the environment!

As a partner carrier at Quicargo, you are the one in control. Just choose how and when you want to accept shipments. In the video below, you can view how Brakenhoff derives benefit from  from a partnership with Quicargo:

TMS integration: we connect your transport management system with our platform

When you are part of our digital transport platform, you will get specific and automated messages of shipment offers that might be of interest to you.

A lot of carriers are choosing a partially, or even fully integrated system in order to have more automation and control over all shipments. This means that all information from Quicargo will be forwarded into your own TMS.

Want to know more about this? Take a look at the article about automated integrations from Lucas Bonavita, our Product Manager. He explains very briefly and precisely what you can expect from a TMS integration with Quicargo.

Specialized cargo transporters

We use our carriers in their strength. Whether you are specialized in for example mounted forklift transport, refrigerated transportation or shipments to Amazon, Quicargo matches your haulage company to the most appropriate loads.

B2B and B2C Carriers

Quicargo is mainly for B2B pallet shipping in Europe. However, for national shipments in the Netherlands, we do offer B2C. When you sign up, we will contact you to understand and determine your preferences.

Hauliers that are using Quicargo for extra rides in 2021:

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Any further questions?

How and when can I contact the serviceteam?

Our service team is available on working days from 08.00-18.00. You can reach them via chat, email and by phone. Go to our contact page for more info.

How do you install your preferences?

This is very easy! On our dashboard platform you simply fill in which types of freight you can deliver and to which locations you want to ship. Our algorithms will then connect your preferences to the best available freight!

I signed up, what’s next?

After you registered on our platform, you will receive a phone call from one of our carrier account managers within one working day. During this phone call, we will explain to you how you can make optimal use of our online platform. If you have more questions, contact us at any time during working days from 08.00-18.00.