Quicargo handles your groupage transport

Book your groupage shipments for orders with less than 5 pallets within no-time! Both B2B and B2C.

✓ save up to 30%

✓ no contract costs

✓ certified carriers

Groupage is using one truck for multiple loads of pallets. Quicargo is the specialized transport company in this field.

Groupage transport can be difficult to manage, as it involves more than just a single pallet shipment. Because of Quicargo’s digital network however it is very easy to connect multiple pallet shipments to one of our carriers.

We have direct insights on the amount of empty space of the trucks that are on the road. Hence, we can easily see whether your request can be used to fill up empty cargo space. This is almost always arranged within just a couple of hours after you’ve requested a pallet shipment.

How does groupage shipping work?

Our digital transport platform has been designed in such a way that signing up on our platform is fixed within one minute. This is done without having to fill in any payment information and is without any obligations

After you’ve completed signing up, you can fill in the needed information for your pallet transportation. This for example involves the address, type of pallets, weight and other important details.

After filling in this information, you can directly see the estimated cost price. If you want direct and transparant pricing, you choose for Quicargo!

After getting an estimated price, you can either accept this or adjust some things. Once you’ve accepted the pallet shipment, our platform’s algorithm automatically begins to search for the best available option for your pallet shipment

Protecting your freight during transport

At Quicargo, it is of importance to place your shipments on pallets at all time. Make sure that this is done before the carrier arrives at your pick-up location.

Pay attention: a carrier can decline a shipment if the cargo hasn’t been placed on a pallet correctly. 

When preparing your road freight, it is advised to use professional wrapping foil, so that the chance of your goods slipping and sliding is reduced. Below you can watch a video that briefly explains the most important thing to keep in mind when packing your cargo: 

International shipping prices

At Quicargo, you can arrange pallet shipment in The Netherlands, but also in more than 20 different European countries, such as Italy, France, Spain and Sweden. Have a look at all our destinations.

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
RotterdamAntwerp, Belgium€ 59,-
UtrechtDüsseldorf, Germany€ 78,-
BredaBarcelona, Spain€ 150,-
RotterdamParis, France€ 153,-
MaastrichtRome, Italy€ 213,-

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last updated on July 24, 2020.

Just a few shipments per month?

When you want to order groupage shipments with less than 10 pallet shippings per month, you should look at our spot transport. This is a price-saving, and carbon footprint reducing method for all involved parties. Nice!

We are shipping to many countries in Europe, also if your pallet shipments are small!

More than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Would you like a good deal for recurring transport? From 10 pallet shipments per month the Quicargo team makes a quote specifically for you. You can save up to 20% on pallet shipping costs. Give it a try down here and experience the cheap prices yourself!

These clients already benefited from Quicargo in 2020:

Groepage logistiek Knauf klantlogo
Groupage transport Elscolab klantlogo

Any further questions?

I want to ship cargo, but don’t want to put it on pallets. Is this still possible?

Quicargo’s carriers are only able to ship your goods when it is packed on pallets. This namely helps us deliver your road freight in a fast and safe way.

Can I also benefit from spot prices outside of The Netherlands?

Yes! Not only in Dutch places, such as Amsterdam and Rotterdam, but also in Belgium you can easily use our spot market.

Want to load and/or unload outside of The Netherlands and Belgium? Please don’t hesitate to request a quote for this transportation! 

Can I also book a B2C pallet shipment?

Yes! Quicargo offers the possibility to book both B2B and B2C pallet transportation. Only C2C is not possible.

What is groupage?

Groupage involves sharing cargo space with multiple shippers. This way, the loading space of trucks is used optimally.

Spot prices or fixed prices

Use our spot market

A flexible solution for direct or urgent shipping.

✓ Fast and simple
✓ Better service, lower costs
✓ Place a shipment within 1 minute

Get fixed prices

For 10+ pallet shipments per month, requesting a quote is more advantageous

✓ Fixed rates for the whole year
Save up to an additional 20%

✓ Dedicated contact person
Enjoy extra service and smooth communication

✓ IT integration
Work and handle shipments within your own system

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