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What is groupage shipping? Groupage is a service in which you share the loading capacity of a truck with other shippers. Typically, these shipments consist of 1 to 5 pallets. Groupage services are complex, as it involves more parties. Well-organized planning and streamlined communication are therefore even more important.

By choosing for Quicargo, you benefit from a large network of professional carriers. Our partner freight hauliers are all connected to the Quicargo platform. The collected data is used to provide you with a seamless experience.

Get direct access to empty capacity from trucks nearby you. Discover a sustainable, flexible and cost-effective way of handling your logistics.

How does groupage shipping work?

Our digital transport platform has been designed in such a way that signing up on our platform is fixed within one minute. This is done without having to fill in any payment information and is without any obligations

After you’ve completed signing up, you can fill in the needed information for your pallet transportation. This for example involves the address, type of pallets, weight and other important details.

After filling in this information, you can directly see the estimated cost price. If you want direct and transparent pricing, you choose for Quicargo!

After getting a groupage delivery quote, you can either accept this or adjust some things. Once you’ve accepted the pallet shipment, our platform’s algorithm automatically begins to search for the best available option for your pallet shipment

Protecting your groupage freight during transport

At Quicargo, it is of importance to place your shipments on pallets at all time. Make sure that this is done before the carrier arrives at your pick-up location.

Pay attention: a carrier can decline a shipment if the cargo hasn’t been placed on a pallet correctly. 

When preparing your road freight, it is advised to use professional wrapping foil, so that the chance of your goods slipping and sliding is reduced.

Below, you can watch a video that briefly explains the most important things to keep in mind when preparing your cargo.

International groupage transport prices

At Quicargo, you can arrange pallet shipments for The Netherlands, but also in more than 20 different European countries. 

Whether you need transportation to Sweden, shared shipments in the UK, freight deliveries in Germany or a shipping quote for Belgium; Quicargo is there to help you with getting your loads from the pick-up address to the delivery address. Have a look at all our transportation destinations.

The table below gives a couple of examples of groupage transport rates in Europe. These prices serve solely as an example and may slightly differ from our platform quotes.

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice
RotterdamAntwerp, Belgium€ 61,50
UtrechtDüsseldorf, Germany€ 80,23
BredaBarcelona, Spain€ 150,-
RotterdamParis, France€ 153,-
MaastrichtRome, Italy€ 284,93

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last updated 05-07-2021

Just a few shipments per month?

Do you have less than 10 groupage shipments per month? Then you should look at our spot transport. Discover the comfort of getting direct quotes for your freight and being able to arrange transportation within a couple of minutes.

Daily and regular lanes

Do you need a freight carrier for your daily or regular lanes? From 10 shipments and more, you can benefit from even better rates. Save up towards 20% in shipping costs by requesting a personalized quote.

Any further questions?

Can I only ship pallets with Quicargo?

Yes, at the moment we only offer road transport services for pallets. With the exception of FTL loads, if the goods can be placed safely in a trailer.

Can I also benefit from spot prices outside of the benelux?

Our spot transport solutions are momentarily only open for import and export to the Benelux.

For international shipments outside the Benelux, please request a quote.

Can I also order a B2C shipment?

B2C is only available for shipments within the Netherlands.

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