How to pack a pallet,
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Packaging tips for pallet transport

Before your first shipment, there are some important things to know about shipping with Quicargo like i.e. how to correctly label your goods.

If you often ship goods, you want to do it in the most pleasant way possible. You surely want everything to run smoothly, without additional costs and you wish the freight to be delivered to the right place without any damage.

This is why we have put together this easy guide with all the information in a nutshell!

Wether you are shipping euro, block or mini pallets, Quicargo is here to help you to get your goods on the road.

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How to prepare a pallet - 2

Choose the right pallet. Also, please only use pallets that are in good condition.

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How to prepare a pallet - 7

Distribute the weight on your pallet evenly and stack your items in columns.

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Pick a pallet large enough so that your freight does not hang over the edges of the pallet.

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Please shrink wrap your goods together with the top of the pallet in order to prevent your loading getting loose.

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Make sure that the top of your packed pallet is flat in order to decrease the risk of damage or loss of your goods.

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How to prepare a pallet - 10

Please do keep in mind that your label must be placed on the outside of the stretch-wrap in order to be scanned properly.

How to label your palletized goods

When preparing your parcels for courier, it is not only important to follow the packaging instructions. There are also a few guidelines regarding the labeling of your boxes. 

By correctly labeling your goods you will ensure that the handling of your goods is conducted appropriately, your cargo meets the required shipping regulations, receivers are able to identify your shipment and that you are complying with safety standards.

Please be aware that incorrect labeling can lead to delays, shipping damage or even loss in the worst case, all resulting in high cost in money and time.

  • When printing your labels, please make sure that everything is clearly legible and you do not fold the part with the barcode so that the barcode can be properly scanned. You also need to remove all old labels to avoid any mixup in the shipping process. Please do not stick tape over your label.
  • When labelling your pallet, please adhere two identical labels per pallet, on opposing fork entry sides (on the side of the pallet).
  • Please place the label in a vertical position, neither crooked nor creased.
  • For full pallets, please do keep in mind that your label must be placed on the outside of the stretch-wrap in order to be scanned properly.

Are these tips important?

Poor packaging puts your goods as well as our carriers at risk which is why they are entitled to refuse packaging that does not comply with our packaging standards listed above.

Please note that you are responsible that products arrive safely and do not get damaged unnecessarily.

Further pallet packaging tips

Still unsure how to properly prepare a pallet for shipment? Watch the following video for extensive packaging tips:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

When sending more than just one parcel or oversized parcel, you can easily stack them on a pallet and ensure a smooth and secure delivery. In order for your delivery to be executed without trouble, make sure to follow Quiargo’s guide on how to pack pallets.

Boxes need to be stowed flat on a pallet of good quality.

Make sure that all the boxes fit well on the pallet or else the shipment will not be accepted.

Shrink wrapping the load together with the pallet at the end is a necessity to ensure the safety of the goods during shipping. 

How many boxes fit on one pallet is determined by how big your pallet is. Sizes vary from mini pallets, euro pallets to block pallets. Also the size of your boxes matters. Check Quicargo’s pallet sizes for more information.

You can follow Quicargo’s extensive shipping guide for more information and clear instructions on how to pack a box for shipping.

After you sign up for free on our platform, you can easily place an order for your next pallet shipment. After receiving a confirmation email with your ETA, the printable labels as well as information on our payment processes, you can begin preparing your pallets for shipment. One of our many carriers will then pick up your goods on your chosen pick-up day.

Wrapping a pallet is a crucial step in the preparation of your pallet shipment as it secures a safe and smooth delivery.

When shrink wrapping your goods, please make sure that the wrap also covers your pallet in order to keep the goods steady on the pallet.

After you have wrapped your pallet, you should adhere two identical labels on opposing sites of the pallet.

Make sure the label is on the outside of the shrink wrap to be scanned easily.

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