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Quicargo’s cubic meter tool quickly makes the m3 calculations of your pallets for you! Take a further look at this page for more information about calculating cubic meters and Quicargo’s innovative platform.

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*Dimensions of the most commonly used pallets: mini pallets (80×60), europallets (80×120) and block pallets (100×120).

In order to execute pallet shippings as efficiently as possible, various calculation units are frequently used in road freight transport. Cubic meter (m3) is an example of a calculation unit with which both shippers as well as freight forwarderscarriers and logistics companies are confronted with on a daily basis. 

Computing the cubic meters of cargo can often be a hassle. Tired of making the calculations for cubic meters by hand? Use Quicargo’s m3 calculator and find out what the number of cubic meters of your goods are within no-time! On top of that, you can also rely on transportation company Quicargo for the next step in your logistics process, namely shipping your pallets!

Calculate cubic meters: the importance of the equation

Why are cubic meters used so frequently in the logistics and transportation industry? When sending pallets that cannot be stacked, shippers take the number of loading meters or pallet space into consideration. In this case, the trailer of a standard sized truck has capacity for 33 pallets.

Can your goods be placed on top of each other? Than the height of your road freight also plays an important rol, which means that a volume measure must be used. That is when cubic meters come into play. A standard trailer has space for 91 m3 and a maximum height of 4 meters.

How to calculate cubic meters (m3)?

How exactly do you compute cubic meters? Although you can easily use our cubic meters calculator, calculating m3 yourself is also doable!

The calculation for cubic meters is carried out by multiplying the length of your cargo by its width and height. Easy as that!

Examples of cubic meter calculations

Are you for instance planning to send chairs that can be stacked? If the size of the chair that you want to ship is 50x50x90, the number of cubic meters is 50*50*90 = 225 000 cm3 = 0,25 m3.

Eager to know which type of pallet is the right choice for transportation? In this case, especially the length and width of the product are important. As the chair is 50 centimeters long and 50 centimeters wide, a minipallet of 80 centimeters long and 60 centimeters wide would be the appropriate type of pallet.

ProductCubic meterpallet*
Chaise longue (100x97x80)0,78 m3Block pallet
Electric bike(120x45x75)0,41 m3Europallet
Closet (60x50x100)0,3 m3Minipallet
Refrigerator (60x120x160)1,15 m3Europallet
Artificial plant (30x45x70)0,09 m3Minipallet

*The suggested pallet types are based on the dimensions of minipallets (80×60), europallets (80×120) en block pallets (100×120).

Also rely on Quicargo for your pallet shipment!

Finished with calculating the number of cubic meters of your road freight on our cubic meters calculator? Then it’s time to arrange the transportation of your goods. Benefit from the many advantages of Quicargo‘s innovative transport platform! Using our platform is free of charge and without any obligations

Send your pallets within no-time for transport in The Netherland or in many other European countries, such as Germany, France, Sweden or Italy. Whether you’re in need for LTL, FTL or groupage transport… It does not matter! Specialist Quicargo is your logistics partner for incidental and daily pallet shipping.

Arranging an incidental pallet delivery?

Sending pallets via Quicargo spot market is just as easy as calculating m3 with our cubic meters tool. Benefit from our dynamic prices and try it now!

More than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Do you ship many pallets annually? With more than 10 pallet deliveries per month, we happily prepare a tailor-made quotation for you. Save up to 20% on costs!

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Any further questions?

How much is 1 cubic meter?

1 cubic meter equals 1000 liters. Furthermore, 1 m3 corresponds to an object, such as a box, that is 1 meter long, wide and high.

How many cubic meters does a truck in road transport have?

A truck with a standard sized trailer has space for 91 m3.

Why are cubic meters important in road transportation?

Cubic meters include the height of the road freight into the equation. This is crucial when the goods are stackable. In that case, in addition to the length and width, the height of cargo namely also plays a rol during loading.

Can I have my goods delivered by Quicargo?

Yes! In addition to using our cubic meter calculator, you can also rely on Quicargo for the shipment of your pallets, both for B2B and B2C shipments. On top of that, we offer a sustainable solution!

Do you also have a loading meter calculator?

Yes! Use our loading meter calculation tool to easily find out what your cargo’s pallet loading is.

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