Amazon Shipper Rules

Minimize the possibility for delays and refusals for your Amazon shipments

1. Which type of pallets can I ship to Amazon?

→ For amazon warehouses in the United Kingdom, you are required to use block pallets. The dimensions for these pallets are 100 x 120 cm.

→ For all the other countries within Europe, you are required to use europallets. The dimensions for these pallets are 80 x 120 cm.

→ All pallets – no matter the destinations – need to be of good quality. Pallets with broken or missing planks are likely to get rejected.

DO NOT paint the pallets. The pallets are required to be in the natural wooden color.

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2. How do I pack and stack Amazon pallets?

→ All FBA labels on the goods are required to face outward. Amazon needs to be able to scan these.

→ There can only be 1 FBA number per pallet. Every FBA number requires its own pallet.

Double stacked pallets may get refused. This is at your own risk.

No items are allowed to stick out. Everything needs to remain within the dimensions of the pallet.

→ Shipments are NOT allowed to exceed 180 cm in height. This includes the pallet.

→ The maximum weight per pallet is 500kg.

3. How do I seal Amazon pallets?

amazon pallet

→ The pallets are required to be sealed with transparent wrapping material.

→ The shipment needs to be completely sealed, pallet included.

→ Every corner of the pallets is required to be sealed at least three times.

→ Do NOT use the wrapping material to create knots.


These are examples of pallets that will be declined by Amazon:

Goods exceed pallet

Goods sticking out

Pallets stacked too high

Stacked higher than 1.80 m

Damaged goods

Damaged goods

Damaged pallets

Damaged pallets

4. Amazon Refusal Reasons

When Amazon refuses a shipment, they have to provide a refusal reason. The document below states all the possible reasons for refusal. Please make sure you have read through these refusal reasons, to prevent your pallet(s) from being declined by Amazon.
Rejection ReasonExplanation
More pallets delivered than stated in the booking form More pallets delivered than stated in the booking form
Invalid or no booking Invalid (no valid ISA number) or no booking (freight that arrives without a previously scheduled appointment)
Driver pulled out Driver refused to wait to be unloadede due to FC unloading delays and decided to pull out
Arrived late Arrived late (after scheduled appointment time)
Wrong FC POs which are not for the FC they have delivered (Amazon retains the right to accept stock if freight has been redirected by Amazon)
Missing or incomplete delivery paperwork No delivery valid paperwork is available to identify the freight being delivered
Unsafe vehicle
  • Unsafe flooring
  • Roller bed trailers
  • Infestation
  • Doesn't fit to dock
  • Electrical hazards
  • Incorrect vehicle Incorrect vehicle that does not comply with specific FC requirements
    Pallets exceeding height limit
  • Pallet stacked more than height requirements
  • Stacked pallets that may cause a risk to health and safety or damage to Amazon unloading equipment will be rejected.
  • Non-compliant pallet
  • Not accepted: pallet-sized box, one-way pallet
  • Accepted pallets: UK → 100x120cm 4-way access wood pallets with quality EPAL, CHEP, UIC or EN 13698-1 norm; MEU/SEU → 80x120cm 4-way access wood pallets with quality EPAL, CHEP or UIC 435-2, all based on the EN 13698-1 norm
  • ! For vendors located in the US delivering into Europe, the quality requirements to follow are GMA grade B or higher.
    Damaged pallet
  • A single upper or lower edge board is damaged so that more than one nail or screw shank is revealed
  • A board is missing
  • A block is missing or split to the point where more than one nail shank is visible
  • Skewed blocks may not protrude more than 10 mm
  • A board is broken transversely or diagonally
  • More than two lower or upper edge boards are damaged and reveal one nail or screw shank for each board
  • Incorrectly bound pallets Two pallets are bounded on the 120 cm side (should be on the 80 cm or 100 cm side)
    Overhanging pallets Large item being shipped cannot fit on a pallet without overhanging the edges (should be put on bounded pallets)
    Pallet exceeding weight limit Pallet weighs more than 500 kg
    Damaged/tampered freight Damaged/tampered freight at the point of receipt.
    Carrier POD needs to be signed and the number of cartons rejected to be indicated on the document. It is vital that the carrier paperwork is annotated to state the number of cartons received/ not received.
    Carton exceeds weight limit No carton containing more than 1 ASIN should weigh more than 15kg. Any item above 15kg should be properly labelled. Any item weighing above 30 kg should be palletized.
    Open Load Open cartons at the point of receipt - suspicion on theft
    Food/ pet food quality impaired Food/ pet food quality impaired, e.g. temperature of grocery and pet food goods should not exceed 40°C. The demperature of chocolate and medicine should not exceed 25°C.
    Hazmat Hazardous goods are delivered to inappropriate FC
    Disregarding safety and security guidelines on site Driver disregarded safety and security guidelines (e.g. DE-yard checklist, use of handbrake, reject to give the keys etc.) and instructions of Amazon staff
    Banned/ abusive driver/ inappropriate behaviour
  • Uncooperative behaviour or usfficient reason to believe driver is under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • The driver was previously banned
  • Failure to read and sign acceptance of site rules
  • Dock leveller cannot be engaged Unable to unload as dock leveller cannot be engaged (less than 15cm between the stock and the rear lip of the vehicle) or securing straps are preventing engagement of dock leveller
    Unable to offload from rear of vehicle Unloading possible only from the side
    Chemical risk Split chemicals with risk of absorption or inhalation
    Loose cartons added to a palletized delivery Non-palletized loose cartons that place the associate at risk of injury
    Inaccessible stock No access to Amazon goods: access blocked by rejected goods or access blocked by goods of a third party
    Health and Safety risk
  • Damaged freight resulting in handballing of load (manual handling) - applies to cartons over 15kg only
  • Unauthorized removal of Susie lock, jack stand or chocks once the vehicle is on a bay
  • Entrapment risk/ fall from height risk
  • Dangerous fumigation/ gas concentration in container
  • Livestock - family, pets or loaded livestock
  • 5. How should the truck be loaded?

    → All pallets are required to be loaded in the length of the trailer. See the illustration.

    → There needs to be 30cm of empty space between the roof of the trailer and the pallet(s).

    → At the end of the trailer, there needs to be 30cm of empty space between the last pallet and the end of the trailer for docking purposes.

    how to fill truck
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    6. How can I book a shipment to Amazon?