Shipping in the Netherlands without hassle

Do you have cargo that needs to be transported in the Netherlands? Then Quicargo can help you out. We have a strong logistical infrastructure in place which enables us to connect you - the shipper - with professional carriers in the Netherlands. Through our platform or via contact, you can easily place an order for a shipment. It does not matter whether it is LTL, FTL, groupage or other forms of ground transport. Quicargo simply handles your transportation needs.


Pallet shipping cost in the Netherlands


The prices are based on Europallets and block pallets, and are based on the lowest fares. The prices may vary depending on various criteria such as distance, area, volume and type of transport.


Europallets Block pallets
Less than 30 km 29,95 € 34,95 €
Between 30 and 150 km 35,95 € 39,95 €
More than 150 km 39,00 € 42,80 €




Vracht vervoeren in Nederland doe je via Quicargo

Reasons to start with Quicargo?

  • Years of experience in the Dutch market.
  • Enormous network of professional and certified carriers.
  • High customer satisfaction rate: 9,4 out of 10
  • Extra attention for the clients. We help you resolve specific logistical situations whenever needed.
  • A leading platform in efficiently booking shipments

    Companies that trust our services in the Netherlands

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    Patrick van den Hoogen

    Patrick van den Hoogen

    Quicargo is the ideal solution for us at Morestorage

    With the great service of the team we successfully ship a lot of pallets on a weekly basis! Quicargo provides sharp rates and fulfills all the given requirements. We started working with Quicargo and couldn’t do without them anymore.

    Jos Knulst

    Jos Knulst

    The online Quicargo platform is the ideal tool for our planners

    Easy to use, quick handling of shipments, saving costs. Quicargo helps to organise her unregular shipments efficiently.