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Overview of your pallets per carrier in downloadable manifest

August 4, 2022

Dear shippers,

We love to hear your feedback about the platform and will certainly try to implement the most frequently mentioned necessities. We therefore have a manifest overview that is easy to download on the platform. This overview shows which of your pallets are shipped with which carrier.


The image above shows how easy it is to download a free manifest for your orders. In the section "active orders" you can find the overview at the bottom.

This is especially useful if you have multiple orders for loading on the same day. By having a copy of the manifest at the loading location, you can be sure that your goods go with the right partner carrier.

Make sure your pallets are well packed, otherwise problems may arise during the transport of your goods.

Whether euro pallets, block pallets or mini pallets, a well-packaged pallet is important for safe transport.

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