Shipments in Europe with Quicargo

Quicargo is expanding rapidly and is conquering more and more markets in Europe. We currently offer our services in more than 20 countries. Not sure if your country is one of them? Please contact our customer service department to talk about the options. The road network size of Europe is gigantic. Only considering France, Spain and Germany already accounts for approximately 2,2 million kilometer of roads. On those roads, there are many trucks driving empty or partially empty. By connecting these trucks to you, we can offer great quotes for transporting your freight.



Advantages of using Quicargo in Europe

Quicargo is one the fastest growing logistical companies in Europe. We are offering our shippers more and more options in terms of countries to transport their cargo. To convince you of the added value of Quicargo in Europe, we can tell you about a couple advantages:

  • In any country you want to book a shipment, you do not necessarily need a full truckload order. You are also able to order a shipment consisting of fewer pallets.
  • Our prices are remarkably competitive. We are able to set great rates for your transport needs as we enable trucks to drive more efficiently.
  • The delivery of your cargo is in the hands of professional and trustworthy carriers. Quicargo only works with reputed and qualified partners.
  • To give you the most flexibility, we offer you a lot of freedom in picking delivery dates. We often hear from our customers in Europe that this is proof of the exceptional service quality that shippers can expect from Quicargo.

Shippers who are actively sending pallets with Quicargo

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Patrick van den Hoogen

Patrick van den Hoogen

Quicargo is the ideal solution for us at Morestorage

With the great service of the team we successfully ship a lot of pallets on a weekly basis! Quicargo provides sharp rates and fulfills all the given requirements. We started working with Quicargo and couldn’t do without them anymore.

Jos Knulst

Jos Knulst

The online Quicargo platform is the ideal tool for our planners

Easy to use, quick handling of shipments, saving costs. Quicargo helps to organise her unregular shipments efficiently.