Shipping Germany: book your pallet shipping via Quicargo's platform!

In need for a pallet delivery to or from Germany? Arrange this via Quicargo within a minute! Both B2B and B2C.

✓ save up to 30%

✓ no contract costs

✓ certified carriers

On a daily basis Quicargo’s carriers ship hundreds of pallets to and from cities in Germany, such as Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Frankfurt. These shipments involve LTL’s, but also groupage and FTL’s. All these segments are easily arranged on our digital transport platform. 

Quicargo’s network consists of only the best AVC/CMR certified carriers. This makes it easy for us to carry out your pallet shipments fast and smoothly.

Requesting a demo is a great way of seeing how our platform works. For many companies, it is a first step for shipping with Quicargo. 

How do you arrange transport from and to Germany?

Listen, we get it, you don’t want to wait hours for a response of your traditional carriers. You just want to be sure that your pallet shipping is arranged within a small amount of time. At Quicargo, we are striving to become the quickest transportation company. With this being said, it only takes a minute to sign-up on our page. You can also watch our demo in order to find out how the platform works. The use of Quicargo’s platform is completely free and there are no obligations attached.

After signing up, you only need to fill in the required details of the desired transportation, such as where and when you want your pallets to be shipped to. After that, we give you a direct pricing.

Are you expecting to send pallets to Germany more frequently, such as weekly or daily? Then it might be a good option for you to integrate with our system. You can easily manage your personal transport via your own secure system. Sounds good, right? Click on the button below if you want to sign up and request a quote!

Our mission: no more empty space!

When you use Quicargo’s digital transportation platform, you help in starting a revolution in transport. Did you know that half of all driving trucks are empty or half-empty? This means a lot of CO2 emissions for nothing. We think that this is not right. That’s why Quicargo offers a simple solution.

We have a large amount of daily carrier routes and information about their truckload on our platform. When there is empty space in a truck that is already on the right trajectory, we can appoint shipments to this truck, so that it is not necessary to send a new truck on the road. This is why you choose Quicargo! 

Pallet shipments to and from Germany, how much will it cost me?

In the table below you can find the prices that you can expect when you book pallet shipments from and to Germany on Quicargo’s platform. Be aware that the actual prices depend on the distance and the type of pallets used for your shipment. Therefore, these examples are just an indication. For B2C shipments you pay additional costs.

Pick-up addressdelivery addressprice*
UtrechtHannover€ 81,-
GroningenHamburg€ 84,-
FrankfurtMaastricht€ 89,-
MunichRotterdam€ 110,-
AmsterdamBerlin€ 115,-

*These are the delivery costs for 1 europallet. Last updated on July 24, 2020.

Less than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Are you having small or irregular pallet shipments? Than you are looking for a flexible solution. In that case our spot transport is perfect for you! Benefit from our dynamic prices while reducing CO2 emissions! Calculate your price directly:

More than 10 pallet shipments per month?

Looking for a good deal when it comes to your recurring transport? From 10 pallet shipments per month the Quicargo team happily prepares a tailor-made quote specifically for you. The bonus? You can save up to 20% on pallet shipping costs.

These clients already benefited from Quicargo in 2020:

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Any further questions?

My shipment crosses the border, do I need to pay extra for this?

No, borders in the EU aren’t taken into account when calculating a price.

You will need a quote for countries outside the European Union, such as England

What kind of insurance do I have when I use Quicargo?

The insurance that you have is AVC/CMR. This means that you will get a certain amount of € per kg back, calculated by the SDR (Spacial Drawing Rights). Heads up: always sign the PoD (Proof of Delivery) after checking if your shipment is alright. Otherwise, don’t sign. 

Can I also benefit from spot prices outside of The Netherlands?

Yes! Not only in Dutch places, such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but also in Belgium you can easily use our spot market.

Want to load and/or unload outside of the Netherlands and Belgium? Please don’t hesitate to request a quote for this transportation! 

Spot prices or fixed prices

Use our spot market

A flexible solution for direct or urgent shipping.

✓ Fast and simple
✓ Better service, lower costs
✓ Place a shipment within 1 minute

Get fixed prices

For 10+ pallet shipments per month, requesting a quote is more advantageous

✓ Fixed rates for the whole year
Save up to an additional 20%

✓ Dedicated contact person
Enjoy extra service and smooth communication

✓ IT integration
Work and handle shipments within your own system

Want to learn more about Quicargo? Schedule a free demo with our team!