Shipping to and from Germany with Quicargo

Quicargo has build a strong network of experienced and qualified carriers in Germany. The country has more than 640.000 km of roads. Every day, there are many trucks on these roads to deliver goods. To prevent most of those trucks to drive around inefficiently, we connect the carrier with your shipping needs in Germany. By doing so, we can offer you a competitive rate to transport your freight.


Pallet Shipping cost Germany


The prices are based on Europallets and are based on the lowest fares. The prices may vary depending on various criteria such as distance, area, volume and type of transport.


Delivery postal codes (area)
Price (in euros)
01-04 105,71 €
06-19 80,95 €
20-26 70,48 €
27-34 63,81 €
35-42 69,52 €
44-54 61,91 €
55-65 63,81 €
66-69 72,38 €
70-75 120,95 €
76 84,76 €
77 110,48 €
78-79 110,48 €
80-91 83,81 €
92-99 84,76 €



Advantages of using Quicargo in Germany

Quicargo has been operating in Germany for quite some time now. We have a strong position in the logistical market. We would like to highlight some advantages of using our shipping services:

  • Quicargo offers the possibility to send small quantities of pallets. Unlike competitors, we do not only work with full truckload.
  • Simple and transparant pricing: we calculate the price based on a couple of different factors. For example type of pallet, weight and distance.
  • Our clients in Germany tell us each time being surprised by how hassle-free sending pallets is through Quicargo. We try to make it as straightforward as possible and we work hard every day to make even further improvements.
  • Quicargo offers great flexibility with the delivery days, allowing you to comfortably plan ahead.

Clients who use our services in Germany

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Patrick van den Hoogen

Patrick van den Hoogen

Quicargo is the ideal solution for us at Morestorage

With the great service of the team we successfully ship a lot of pallets on a weekly basis! Quicargo provides sharp rates and fulfills all the given requirements. We started working with Quicargo and couldn’t do without them anymore.

Jos Knulst

Jos Knulst

The online Quicargo platform is the ideal tool for our planners

Easy to use, quick handling of shipments, saving costs. Quicargo helps to organise her unregular shipments efficiently.