Pallet shipping UK: fast transport of freight to and from the United Kingdom

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The freight road transport industry in the UK is valued at nearly 30 billion pounds, with circa 60 thousand active companies and approximately 300 thousand jobs. With these numbers, the island nation is one of the hotspots in terms of road transport in Europe.

Although these numbers are great to see, they say nothing about the lack of efficiency in the logistics industry. In fact, circa 50% of all trucks in the United Kingdom drive around empty.

With Quicargo, your freight will be matched with the empty capacity of shipping companies. By doing so, you will benefit from better shipping quotes, superior service and a sustainable solution.

Pallet shipping UK: how does it work?

For spot transport, you can take advantage of direct quotes. This service is currently only available for shipping from the UK to the Netherlands and for shipping from the Netherlands to the UK.

Create an account on our digital platform. You can then fill in all the necessary details of your order. After this step, you can see the shipping costs. If you are pleased with our quote, you can go ahead and order your shipment. It is that easy!

If we do not offer you a direct spot solution (you can check the availability of your route in the price calculator), for example for shipping from GB to Germany, shipping to France from the UK or for shipping England to Belgium – in that case you can request a quote. You will receive an offer within 1 working day.

As with Brexit, the United Kingdom is on the verge of leaving the EU, arranging deliveries from or to the UK may become more difficult. At Quicargo, we are closely following the situation so as to stay up-to-date with new rules and regulations.

Shipping costs UK: examples of lanes and prices

Curious about our low prices for sending your cargo from The Netherlands to Great Britain or vice versa? In the table below you will find the starting costs according to the concerning distances. 

Please note! These shipment costs are solely meant for indicative purposes. The ultimate shipping costs can deviate, depending on different factors, such as the weight and type of pallets used for the road freight.

pick-up addressdelivery addressprice*
RotterdamLondon€ 194,-
ManchesterAmsterdam€ 205,-
BirminghamUtrecht€ 218,-
LeedsUtrecht€ 219,-
ExeterVenlo€ 255,-

*These are the delivery costs for 1 euro pallet. Last update 06-01-2021

Prepare your road freight for transportation to and from the United Kingdom

It is very important to make sure your cargo is transportation-proof before sending your pallets to the UK or The Netherlands. When your pallets are prepared in the correct way, this allows carriers to deliver your shipment quickly and, most importantly, safely. After all, damaged road freight would be a big waste!

In need for some packaging tips? Take a look at the video below for handy instructions. Please note however that the suitable packaging method for your road freight depends on various factors, such as the size of your cargo.

Small and fast shipments

For urgent/incidental shipments, use our spot transport services. You can directly calculate your price and place an order within a couple of minutes!

Regular shipping orders

Do you plan on shipping frequently with Quicargo? From 10 shipments per month and upwards – request a quote for contracted rates. You can save up to an additional 20% in shipping costs in the UK.

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Any questions?

Can I send as a consumer?

No, Quicargo is only available for businesses.

Why can I not select some routes in the shipping cost calculator on the website?

We do not offer spot rates for every country and destination. If your route is not available, you can request a quote. You will receive an offer within 1 working day.

Can I only send europallets?

No, we also deliver block pallets, minipallets and odd-sized pallets. Create an account to see all the options on our platform.

Can I use Quicargo as a freight forwarder in the UK?

Yes, you can use Quicargo as a freight forwarder. It works the same way as for our independent shippers. You can simply place orders and we arrange the transport.

Can I ship to Amazon?

Yes, you can send pallets to FBA warehouses in the United Kingdom. For example to Birmingham, Doncaster and Swansea. Follow the link for more information.

Where else can you ship your pallets?

Calculate spot prices or request contracted rates

Use our spot market

A flexible solution for direct or urgent shipping.

✓ Fast and simple
✓ Better service, lower costs
✓ Place a shipment within 1 minute

Get fixed prices

For 10+ pallet shipments per month, requesting a quote is more advantageous

✓ Fixed rates for the whole year
Save up to an additional 20%

✓ Dedicated contact person
Enjoy extra service and smooth communication

✓ IT integration
Work and handle shipments within your own system

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