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How to find freight shippers

Probably the biggest challenge of a successful transport company is to find suitable transport orders. You want to master this challenge and win both instant orders and serious business partners? Then this blog article is for you.

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How to find a freight carrier

Are you looking for an inexpensive and reliable carrier to transport your goods? With the help of Quicargo you will find the right transport service provider within a few minutes.

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The best shipping alternatives for DHL

DHL often overshadows other parcel service providers because of its popularity – but is there a good reason for this or are they simply underestimated and cheaper alternatives? Read here which alternative providers you can use to get your shipments to their destination.

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1 out of 2 trucks drive empty on the European roads. A problem you can help solve. Use the Quicargo platform to order shipments and help carriers to plan their journeys more efficiently.

Save costs, time and CO2 emissions.

No More Empty Trucks!

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