How Jonkers Bouwmetaal optimizes their transport by working together with Quicargo

100% of the pallet shipments with Quicargo

> 10 different carriers used

>30% more shipments placed in 2019 relative to 2018


Jonkers Bouwmetaal is a Dutch company that has been active in the construction sector ever since 1986

The company of founder Frederik Jonkers distinguishes itself through a combination of high-quality products and excellent services.

Jonkers Bouwmetaal has contributed to many well-known Dutch building projects. Think of the construction of the Zeist Triodos Bank, the construction of the Amsterdam Olympic 1962 and the completion of the Breda ING.

How Jonkers Bouwmetaal takes advantage of digital transport solutions

Flexibility concerning the orders

Jonkers Bouwmetaal likes to work with fixed carriers. However, they also want to have the option to request last-minute shipments.

Thanks to the large network of carriers from Quicargo, this is very well possible. For example, Jonkers has a regular carrier, but other carriers occasionally drive for the company as well.

In addition, with construction transport, it is very convenient if you can easily use certain options for shipments, such as:

All these options are easy to book when placing an order. This is a big advantage when working with a one-stop-shop like Quicargo.

“Distribution and groupage transport is easy to arrange via Quicargo. Furthermore, it is nice to have a permanent contact person. This makes communication very smooth and pleasant.

Jonkers Bouwmetaal

Online customer experience

Jonkers uses a totally digital customer experience: this starts with entering the orders on the platform and the automated selection of the most suitable carrier. This is followed by track & trace and status updates concerning the shipments and finally there is the invoicing.

Perfect for a shipper in the construction industry who needs a lot of transport in the Netherlands. With shipments from Limburg to Groningen and from Noord-Holland to Overijssel, it is nice to have a good overview of your transport and logistics.

Low costs

Quicargo offers Jonkers Bouwmetaal advantageous rates for both daily transport orders and occasional shipments.

By making smart use of empty freight space with more than 500 carriers, Jonkers benefits from prices that are on average 30% lower than those of other parties. Besides that, the lower costs go hand in hand with a sustainable solution for transport. A win-win situation!

Jonkers Bouwmetaal

Function: Development and delivery of fencing systems, steel stairs and glass constructions, among others.

Headquarters: Urk, Flevoland – Netherlands

Customer since: 2017

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B. Vervoort, Ranger Care

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