The Best Shipping Alternatives for DHL

By Nadia Stauber
January 02, 2023 • 8 min read

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Are you currently looking for a suitable alternative for the shipping service of DHL? Then you have come to the right place.


In recent years, many alternatives to DHL have asserted themselves in the market. DHL often overshadows other European shipping service providers due to its popularity – but is there a good reason for this or are the less “popular” shipping companies actually cheaper alternatives that are simply underestimated? Read here which alternative shipping services can help you get our pallets and parcels to your destination.

In this article, we’re going to discuss:


When it comes to the distribution of parcels as well as pallets, DHL is one of the largest and most profitable service providers in the world. With a presence in more than 220 countries and territories, the organization is one of the most international companies in the world. But service providers such as Hermes, DPD and many more have also begun to establish themselves in the market and are not to be underestimated.


DHL focuses primarily on the distribution of individual pallets and parcels.

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Shipping goods has never been easier!


One of the most popular DHL alternatives in Europe is Hermes. Usually, the shipping service provider delivers within 2 days and consists of approximately 15.000 package stations.

With the help of Hermes you can ship your packages (ensured up to 50€) or parcels (ensured up to 500€). A big advantage: track & trace is included in both options!

Prices and dimensions:

If you want to ship a parcel via Hermes, it is allowed to weigh up to 25 kg. The costs for this are €4.50 and the the total of the shortest and longest side added up cannot be more than 37 cm (e.g. 12 x 15 x 25 cm).

If you want to send a parcel via a Hermes parcel shop, it can weigh up to 25 kg. There is a fee of €5.95 for a side length of 50 cm, €6.95 for 80 cm and €11.95 for 120 cm.


  • Parcels that are larger or heavier than the beforementioned dimensions must be picked up at home and will be surcharged. Also, the parcel label has to be ordered online beforehand.
  • If your parcels have protruding parts or are not cuboid, a fee of 19.95€ due to bulky goods will be charged.


  • Save money now when using the services of Hermes and purchase your parcel labels online in advance – they come in sets as well and are therefore cheaper!
  • Send your parcel directly to a Hermes parcel shop and save money!


Insider tip: Shipping via Hermes is especially useful if you plan on sending small and heavy goods, e.g. electronic devices.


Visit the Hermes website here


Dynamic Parcel Distribution or DPD for short offers shipments for about the same price as Hermes. The shipping service provider consists of around 14.000 parcel shops across Europe.


  • In order to send parcels with DPD, they are allowed to weigh up to 20kg and are insured for up to 520€.


  • Packaging can be purchased directly in the shop. The price for a package up to 50cm is 4.50€, up to 70cm it is 5.90€ and up to 90cm the costs are 9.70€.


  • The XS parcel can only be labeled online at a price of 4€.


  • Private customers can use the “DPD now” service for urgent parcel shipments. This way, your shipment reaches its destination within 90 minutes within a certain area radius!


Insider tip: Purchase your shipment label online to save up to 1.60€! The so-called DPD shop2shop delivery is also a little cheaper.

Visit the DPD website here


General Logistics Systems is one of the major global parcel distribution services. The special thing here: GLS works with a delivery time of just one working day!


  • When shipping via GLS, your shipment is only allowed to weigh up to 49kg and is insured for up to  750€.


  • The smallest parcel at GLS costs 4.50€. For a parcel of the total size of 50cm (with the shortest and longest side added up) costs are 5.50€, for 70cm 7.50€ and for up to 90cm 11.50€.


  • For shipments within a certain radius, it is possible for your parcel to reach its destination in less than 24 hours! Deliveries within Europe take a maximum of 4 days.


  • For larger parcels, the shipping price is calculated according to the combined dimensions and can therefore vary individually!


  • When purchasing your parcel label online, you can save up to 2.10€ if your parcel is directed to a parcel shop.

Visit the GLS website here


DHL is definitely still by far the market leader for shipping services in Europe. Nevertheless, other providers such as Hermes and co. have asserted themselves in the market, especially in recent years. With the help of our overview and insider tips, you can decide for yourself which alternative suits you and your wallet best!

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