Spot market for pallet shipping within Belgium is now available!

By Marc Haaijer
July 6, 2020 • 6 min read

Shipping within Belgium

Quicargo is always looking for new opportunities, to help both shippers and carriers. We have noticed a rising demand for spot transportation within Belgium. That is why we have worked hard to offer flexible solutions to shippers in both Flanders and Wallonia. You are now able to get direct prices and book your shipments within a couple of minutes.

Advantages of ad hoc transport with Quicargo

✔ Direct pricing
✔ No contract costs
✔ Booked within 1 minute
✔ Easy payment options

Shippers in Belgium: experience a new simplicity in transportation

The digitization of transport has been the future for years, and has become more and more attractive for all kind of businesses. At Quicargo, we are aiming to build a new standard. A standard in which transportation is efficient and can be ordered within the smallest amount of time.

We believe that contracts are becoming more and more obsolete. The demand for a flexible solution, such as spot transport, is growing exponentially. Quicargo has already been providing the service in the Netherlands, and is now looking to further expand it beyond the Dutch borders, starting with Belgium.

Ordering a pallet shipment between cities like Antwerp, Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Leuven, Liège and other places in Belgium will be an extremely easy task. Below, you can already get a first impression of the prices you can expect on our platform for the Belgian spot market.

Distance +-Example Price +-
25kmBrussels – Leuven€ 37,-
75kmAntwerp – Gent€ 39,-
125kmBruges – Mechelen€ 44,-
175kmYpres – Turnhout€ 46,-
225kmOstend – Liege€ 49,-

*These fees only serve as an indication. The final and official prices can be found on our platform. Last edit: 06-07-2020.

Carriers, we are stronger together!

The digital freight network of Quicargo offers you the opportunity to do more business and to generate more revenue. Signing up is completely free of charge and you can get started right away. On our platform, you will be able to only select and accept shipments which are beneficial to you.

Are you a carrier specialized in the transportation of pallets within Belgium? Then Quicargo is looking for you. Join our online platform and become an early adaptor of our spot market within Flanders and Wallonia!

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