Accessibility for certain shipping locations

It is important to know what locations have restrictions on shipping with trailers and how to indicate this in the Quicargo platform.

Below a consise explanation about this and the regulations with these shipments.

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When booking a shipment on the platform, it is essential to clarify whether the loading location is accessible for a trailer (14 meters long). You can do this by checking the "residential address" box when ordering on the platform. By checking this box you indicate that the loading location is not available for trailers and a box truck will be sent instead.

When the box is NOT ticked, we will manually check the location. If the location is marked as restricted access, additional costs will be added to the order. Since many carriers in our network have limited to no box trucks, transportation becomes more expensive. Before placing the order, you can check the location yourself to avoid unpleasant surprises of additional costs.

Examples of areas with limited accessibility are:

  • City centres
  • Some residential areas (when roads will be blocked etc.)
  • Special circumstances such as low height tunnels, bridges with weight limit, narrow roads etc.
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