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New platform feature: Accessibility for the loading and unloading location

August 4, 2022

From your feedback it was clear that many operational problems occurred regarding the accessibilty of the loading and unloading addresses of shippers.

Thus, we improved this on the shipper platform to tackle the accessibility problem. As a shipper you get the option to select "trailer" or "box truck" for both the loading and unloading location.


What does this mean for you?


Automatic checks
As a carrier you will have fewer problems with extra costs and planning, because then you do not have to (try to) deliver the delivery again with a box truck.

Our system checks for most addresses whether a box truck is needed. This change should greatly reduce the chance of an operational problem.

Why did we change this?
Our philosophy is to optimize the loading space of our partner carriers. In addition, we want to be an efficient and sustainable transport solution for shippers. Large trucks that drive to addresses with restricted access and have to take the goods back do not fit our mission. It's a waste of cargo space and co2 emissions.


When you request an order via the platform, you can choose between a trailer and a box truck, for both loading and unloading.

This is essential information for the carrier, because then they can use the correct type of trailer for transport.

For example, if you are placing an order to a shopping center or private address with restricted access, it is your responsibility to select 'box truck'.

By doing this, you avoid unnecessary extra costs. If your location is not accessible, this also causes more CO2 emissions. And that goes against our philosophy, we want to prevent the waste of truck capacity.

Good to know
Our system is often able to estimate whether addresses are not or only poorly accessible with large trucks. If this is the case, the system will automatically select box truck.

Important: Is your shipment B2C? Then make sure you select "delivery at consumer address".

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