How carriers are using Quicargo to support each other

Where some carriers have a number of their trucks standing still, others have a surplus of demand. The instant increase in volatility in demand pushes the industry to come up with new and more creative initiatives. It is good to see that carriers are giving each other a helping hand and digital freight networks such as Quicargo play a vital role.

Discrepancy in demand

It is evident that our economy is highly sensitive to the current situation. Nonetheless, there is a discrepancy in the proportion of how much impact the corona crisis has on different industries. Some sectors are experiencing an instant increase in demand, whilst others have trouble to get any orders at all.

Companies offering essential or pharma-related goods see an astonishing increase in sales. But many more companies experience a significant drop in sales , with the most prominent examples of businesses operating in leisure, fashion, hospitality or flowers, who see all-time lows in activity.

These sudden and unexpected changes in demand have caused a discrepancy in supply and demand in transport amongst the various sectors. Some carriers are receiving so many transport requests that they don’t have enough trucks or drivers to handle it all by themselves. Whilst other carriers are facing difficult times due to an instant loss of demand, which makes them vulnerable in the current situation.

“Some of our partner carriers are facing a situation in which part of their fleet is not being used. After consultation with our carrier network many of our partner carriers  confirmed that they are willing to share any overflow in shipments or shipments that do not fit their route planning with their colleague carriers through our platform. This solution will give carriers who are facing difficulties a chance to accept extra shipments. It is great to see that everyone is helping out each other!”

Marscha Ensink-Benard, Carrier Account Manager Quicargo

Why Quicargo can be a solution

Our digital freight network can offer a solution for carriers that recognize themselves in the picture we have painted above. Carriers can easily place any overflow in shipments on our platform  and their colleague carriers can easily accept shipments in order to generate extra income during these difficult times.

Sam Houwen (CCO at Quicargo) has also written an interesting article about the role of digital platforms in transportation: The rise of digital platforms in road transport expected to be accelerated by the corona crisis

Key facts about our carrier network:

  • +45% carrier registrations in March 2020 compared to the monthly average in the three preceding months
  • +30% carrier registrations so far in April 2020 compared to Q1 2020
  • More than 1000 shippers were active on our platform in Q1 2020

Carriers, register now!

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