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FTL freight booked via Quicargo

The service of FTL shipments is offered by Quicargo to shippers who want to either fill up a complete truck with their cargo or for shippers who want to have a dedicated truck for their transportation needs. In other words, FTL freight is private and reserved to one single shipper. By signing up to the web application of Quicargo, you can effortlessly find full truckload carriers who are available and well-matched to transport your pallets.


How many pallets is considered a full truckload?

It usually depends what choice of pallet you make: europallet (EP),block pallet or mini pallet. In general, a truck of more than 18 europallets is considered full. Most of our carriers have a maximum loading space for either 33 europallets or 26 block pallets.




When is FTL shipping recommended?

  • Shippers often choose for FTL when the delivery is time sensitive. This is mainly because FTL is usually faster than Less than Truckload (LTL) shipping.
  • When you do not want to have your cargo mixed with other cargo. Shippers sometimes request this because of the cargo’s nature. An example of this is the transportation of fragile goods.
  • Full truckload shipments are cost-effective if you want to send a large number of pallets that fill up or nearly fill up an entire truck.

Companies using our FTL service

Patrick van den Hoogen

Patrick van den Hoogen

Quicargo is the ideal solution for us at Morestorage

With the great service of the team we successfully ship a lot of pallets on a weekly basis! Quicargo provides sharp rates and fulfills all the given requirements. We started working with Quicargo and couldn’t do without them anymore.

Jos Knulst

Jos Knulst

The online Quicargo platform is the ideal tool for our planners

Easy to use, quick handling of shipments, saving costs. Quicargo helps Doosopmaat.nl to organise her unregular shipments efficiently.