The carriage of dangerous goods, or ADR shipping, is currently not supported.

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ADR Carriage of dangerous goods

Useful extra’s

Quicargo is not your ordinary transport platform. We do not only do simple distribution shipping. No, we also focus and specialize in more difficult forms of transport, such as ADR carriage of dangerous goods. As a shipper, you can simply sign up to our digital platform for free, enter your addresses and select ADR freight. We will make sure that your cargo is then matched with an appropriate carrier within the Quicargo network. It is that simple!

ADR classes

Before making an order, make sure to check the proper hazard class of your dangerous goods. There are 9 ADR classes, each representing a different type of substance. This information is important for our carriers, as for each class, you need the right equipment and papers.

Dangerous goods transportation

Our international carriers are able to help you with the transportation of DG goods in the following countries:

  • The Netherlands
  • Belgium
  • Germany
  • France
  • Italy

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Dangerous goods transportation

Quicargo is the best partner for mounted forklift transportation.

There are many reasons to choose Quicargo for the transportation of dangerous goods. Below, you will find some of the perks:

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✓ Professional carriers

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