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As a freight forwarder, you take on a lot of work for different shippers. From applying for permits, to spending hours on finding an appropriate carrier for the loads. Save yourself a lot of time and effort, arrange the logistics of road transport for your client within the blink of an eye via the digital freight platform of Quicargo!

Thanks to our constantly growing network of AVC/CMR-certified carriers, you can quickly send pallets within the Netherlands, request pallet deliveries in Belgium, order distribution of freight in Germany, book pallet carriage to the UK and ship to many other destinations within Europe.

Discover the benefits from using our digital platform yourself! Experience the comfort of efficient, affordable and safe pallet shipping in Europe.

Freight forwarders and Quicargo: the perfect match

Forwarding agents form a valuable link between shippers and carriers. The tasks that freight forwarders are engaged in, tend to be quite complex. However, arranging the transportation of your client’s cargo via Quicargo’s digital platform makes things a whole lot easier. Save valuable time and enjoy effortless pallet shipping of your client’s goods with Quicargo.

Whether you are in need of FTL, LTL or groupage… Use Quicargo for your road transport queries. On top of that, it is also possible to arrange the logistics of shippers originating from many different industries, such as the transportation of wood or e-commerce logistics. Do a test shipment with us and explore all the benefits!

How can I use the services of Quicargo as a shipping forwarder?

So, how exactly can you place orders as a freight forwarding company? For starters, you sign up to our digital platform. This is very easy: within a few minutes you can set up your account. In addition, no payment information is required when signing up, as we do not charge you for registering accessing our portal. Sounds good!

Done with the registration? Then you can immediately book a pallet shipment. All you need to do is to fill out some specifics regarding the pick-up and delivery of the loads, such as the addresses for loading and unloading, the type of pallets and the weight of your client’s cargo. Once this is filled out, you will get a direct price. This is one of the reasons many freight forwarders partner up with Quicargo: transparency in pricing.

Not satisfied with the proposed forwarding rate for the freightage? In that case, you can choose to make adjustments.

Are you satisfied? After accepting the pallet shipment, our smart algorithms will nearly instantly detect and appoint the most suitable carrier in our large pool of over 500 trucking companies.

For large volume shipping, you can also request a quote, which can save you up to an additional 20% in transportation costs. Additionally, if you become a regular user of our platform, then we can offer you the possibility to integrate your Transportation Management System with the Quicargo platform. By doing so, you will be able to forward and control shipments from within your own system.

Transparent shipment rates for forwarding freight

What exactly are the shippings costs at Quicargo? We offer both spot rates and contracted rates to freight forwarders who are using Quicargo to ship road freight. Below you find some examples of trajectories and shipping costs, both for transportation in the Netherlands as well as internationally.

Please not that the prices in the table may slightly differ from the prices on the platform. The rates on our platform are always leading.

pick-up addressdelivery addressprice*
Antwerp, BelgiumZwolle€64,50
AmsterdamBerlin, Germany€118,29
Paris, FranceLeeuwarden€161,-
UtrechtRome, Italy€284,93

*These are the delivery costs for 1 euro pallet. Last updated 05-07-2021.

Incidental use and quick forwarding orders

Do you want to use Quicargo’s platform incidentally or does your client have shipments in small volumes? Then our spot market is the perfect option for you. Benefit from instant and transparent rates!

Regular shipping, high volume

Looking for a good deal when it comes to your client’s recurring transport? When you order more than 10 shipments per month, you can benefit from a tailor-made quote. This can save you up to 20% in transportation costs.

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Any further questions?

What is freight forwarding?

Freight forwarding means managing someone’s logistics of shipping cargo. A freight forwarder is the person who is responsible for the transportation of the client’s goods from point A to B.

Should the cargo be placed on pallets?

Quicargo’s carriers are only able to ship goods when its safely secured on pallets.

With the exception for full-truckload freight, when the loads can be steadily placed inside the trailer of a truck.

Can I also book B2C shipments?

Yes, but B2C shipments are only available for transportation lanes within The Netherlands.

Do I have to pay a monthly fee to use the digital platform of Quicargo?

No, Quicargo does not work with subscriptions. You are not committed to anything. There are solely costs when a pallet shipment is placed.

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