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» Quicargo is trusted by logistics and supply chain managers from well-known international brands

Quicargo is a logistics company that is specialised in pallet transport. Whether you are a shipper looking for carriers, or a carrier looking for shippers, it does not matter! Quicargo is here to match you to the right transport solution.

We are constantly trying to optimize the load factor, which means that we are able to offer flexible solutions, competitive prices and a great service for your transport!

How do the freight services of Quicargo work?

When you arrange your pallet shipping via Quicargo, you will immediately experience the benefits from using our digital transport platform. Everything that you can think of is implemented into our platform, thereby making it very easy for you to maintain a clear overview over your logistics matters.

Labels, barcodes, PoD’s and the rest of your paperwork can easily be found in your Quicargo account. These documents are also ready to be printed if needed.

Besides that, it is extremely easy for planners to schedule orders with multiple loading- and unloading addresses. Supply chain managers that use Quicargo are stoked about the amount of time that is saved by utilizing our booking platform.

Of course there is always a small chance that something won’t go according to plan during a shipment. Quicargo is however always proactive in solving problems that occur. We make sure your transportation goes smoothly. Looking at the past, 98% of our shipments were a success!

Examples of our customers


Hundreds of shippers place orders on Quicargo’s platform. The shipments that they send vary from small and regional orders to FTL’s that are shipped all across Europe.

Here are some examples of companies that work with Quicargo: 200 Fahrenheit, Jetdrinks, Popal Fietsen and KMI Impex.

Interested in getting to know more about Quicargo’s shippers? Below you can read an article by Jonkers Bouwmetaal, which includes the reasons why they manage their transport via Quicargo.


Also carriers can benefit from having a logistical alliance with Quicargo. Join us on our platform and receive all different kinds of orders from multiple shippers within no-time! 

Ben Becker, Van Dijken Transport, Schroeder and Flotrans are just a few examples of carriers that work with us. We are however always looking for new carriers that are open for innovative solutions in the logistics and transport sector. Our occupation rate in the Netherlands, Belgium and the rest of Europe is always growing, and therefore, we need your cooperation!

Interested in why Brakenhof has shipped thousands of pallets via Quicargo’s digital platform? Read their case study in order to find out!

Spot transport: the best option when you want to arrange incidental shipments!

Would you like to use Quicargo for incidental shipments? Try our spot transport. Quicargo offers only the best competitive rates, even for low volumes!

Do you have daily or weekly shipments?

Looking for a good deal when it comes to your recurring transport? From 10 pallet shipments or more, our specialists will personally give you the best offers on the market. What does this mean? You can save up to 20% on pallet shipping costs.

Any further questions?

Can I also benefit from spot prices outside of the Netherlands?

Yes! Not only in Dutch places, such as Amsterdam or Rotterdam, but also in Belgium you can easily use our spot market.

Want to load and/or unload outside of the Netherlands and Belgium? Please don’t hesitate to request a quote for these type of transportations! 

Can I also book B2C pallet shipments?

Yes! Quicargo offers the possibility to book both B2B and B2C pallet transportation. Only C2C is not possible.

To which countries can I book my shipments?

You can send your shipments all across Europe. We offer shipping possibilities to more than 20 different countries inside the EU. The destination of your order can for instance be Spain, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Sweden or Greece

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