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» Quicargo is trusted by logistics and supply chain managers from well-known international brands

With over 1,700,000 businesses worldwide, Shopify is one of the biggest specialized e-commerce platforms. Shopify gives its customers the tools to build their own online store – all while organizing everything from marketing to payments.

Often, however, webshops have problems shipping their goods due to the limited number of freight carriers. By joining our digital platform, you will have the opportunity and benefit to work with many highly specialised carriers and couriers.

With Quicargo you can speed up your shipping quickly and easily and make smart use of empty truck spaces.

Why many Shopify webshops are choosing Quicargo

Quciargo matches your freight with empty capacity of our carriers. Whether you want to send a small or large quantity, Quicargo will offer you the best tariffs for its one-stop-solution for sending parcels and oversized parcels as well as pallet transportation by road in Europe


Up to 31.5 kg


Up to 875 kg

Oversized parcels

Up to 70 kg

Benefit from a strong network of carriers specialised in the loading and unloading of Shopify webshop deliveries.  Use our calculator to immediately calculate the ad hoc price for your shipments. 

Discover the future of European logistics and transportation, experience the strength of combining data and technology. 

 Max WeightDimensionsPickups


31,5 kgSize 300 cm
Length 175 cm
Before 05:00 pm
Fixed pickup from 100 shipments per month



70 kgSize 700 cm
Length 380 cm
Before 05:00 pm
Fixed pickup from 100 shipments per month
QUICARGO PALLETS BENELUX875 kg100 x 120 x 235 cmBefore 05:00 pm
QUICARGO PALLETS INTERNATIONAL875 kg100 x 120 x 235 cmBefore 03:00 pm

How Quicargo's integration with Sendcloud can be useful for your webshop

To organise all your shipments as efficiently as possible, you can rely on Quicargo. Thanks to an integration with SendCloud, you can choose Quicargo as your carrier on your Shopify webshop. With Quicargo you can speed up your shipping quickly and easily and make smart use of empty truck spaces.

Use our integration with SendCloud and make smart use of empty freight spaces. 

Why should you use Sendcloud for your Shopify shipments?

Do you have a Shopify webshop and are you looking for a carrier? Here are four reasons why you should use SendCloud to arrange your shipments: 

Higher conversions

Offer customers flexible delivery options.


Simplify your entire shipping process

Track & Trace

Keep customers informed with smart status updates


Give customers the chance to return easily

Why you should choose Quicargo as your carrier via Sendcloud

Quicargo is the only carrier affiliated with Sendcloud that allows you to send pallets to both companies (B2B) and individuals (B2C).

Quicargo is also one of the few carriers that can quickly ship large and heavy packages (up to 70 kg).

Via Sendcloud, you’ll quickly find out that Quicargo is often also the cheapest. When you choose Quicargo, you make innovative use of empty freight space. Because you have your goods cleverly and efficiently matched to a suitable carrier, you save a lot in costs.

Incidental and small volume freight

Would you like to use Quicargo for quick and irregular shipments? We then advise you to take a look at our spot market. Even for small volumes, we offer incredible rates. Go and check it out!

High volume and regular transport

Do you have regular lanes and more than 10 shipments per month for which you need transporting? Then you should request a quote for contracted rates. By doing so, you can save up to another 20% in shipping costs.

Active shippers in 2021

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More questions?

Can I use Quicargo for private shipping?

No, Quicargo is only available for businesses. However, we do offer the possibility for companies to ship B2C within The Netherlands.

Your pricing tool does not give a price for my route, what can I do?

If our European freight rate calculator on the website is unable to provide you with a price, then we do not have a spot solution for your route. In this case, you can simply request a quote.

Why am I not seeing the same price on the platform and on the price calculator of the website?

Our pricing calculator is giving you a rough, yet accurate estimation. When entering all the details on our platform, the price may go up as you have selected options with extra costs.

Which industries make most use of Quicargo?

Our active shippers have very different backgrounds and differ in size. From wine companies and beer breweries to metal and constructions firms. As long as everything is securely placed on pallets, we will ensure the safe and succesful delivery of your goods.

How can I connect SendCloud to Shopify?

Go to the back-end of your Shopify webshop, search for SendCloud in the Shopify App Store and install the integration.

Now you only need to activate the Service Point Delivery at the checkout of your webshop. 

Having trouble? Please have a look at the articles from the help centre of Sendcloud or contact them. 

How do I select Quicargo as a carrier via Sendcloud?

Within your account of Sendcloud, do the following:

Settings » Carriers & Pricing » Search for Quicargo » Click on activate 

Having trouble? Please have a look at the articles from the help centre of Sendcloud or contact them. 

What does SendCloud cost? 

Sendcloud comes in 4 different packages:


Check out the pricing options in more detail on the Sendcloud website.

Never wait for a quote again

Calculate your freight cost in real-time