How Jonkers optimizes transport by using Quicargo.

The digital freight solution of Quicargo is not only great to increase the efficiency of your supply chain, but it also reduces your carbon footprint. Jonkers uses Quicargo for all the distribution shipments within the Benelux. Would you like to learn more about how Jonkers takes advantage of the online platform Quicargo? Keep reading!

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How Jonkers uses Quicargo to their advantage.

30% + increase in shipments.

100% of distribution pallets with Quicargo

More than 10 different carriers used.

The beginning

Jonkers started shipping with Quicargo in 2017. After a succesful pilot, they had faith in the logistical processes of Quicargo and trusted us to succesfully transport their goods. At this point in time, Jonkers even ships all their pallets with Quicargo.

Digital client experience

Jonkers takes advantage of a 100% digital client experience: starting with adding orders directly on our platform and receiving an automatic selection of an appropriate carrier, to the track & trace and status updates regarding the shipments, as well as the invoicing.

More shipments in 2019

In 2019, Jonkers clearly showed that they were satisfied with our services. They increased the number of pallet shipments with Quicargo by more than 30%.


The company sends pallets all across the Netherlands. Groningen, Limburg, Noord-Holland… Every single region gets its’ fair share of superior transport.

Type of cargo

Jonkers sends mini pallets and europallets with heavy materials, mainly steel.

Why construction companies and Quicargo are a great match.

1. Flexibility

Quicargo is a one-stop transport platform which can be used with complete freedom. Shipments can be booked beforehand, but also last-minute. Do you have time restrictions for the pick up or delivery? Not a problem! Backlift, mounted for lift, side unloading… Trailer or box-truck… Unlimited options!

2. Great service

A designated account manager for all your queries. This contact person is always aware of your preferences. Additionally, our distinguished customer support team is available to quickly respond to your questions. Quicargo is always on your side!

3. Low costs

Quicargo has inexpensive rates for both recurring as ad hoc transport. By making use of the empty capacity of trucks of more than 300 carriers, Quicargo is able to take advantage of favourable purchase prices. Meanwhile, this form of efficient transportation is also beneficial for the environment, as it reduces the amount of empty trucks on the road.

About Jonkers Bouwmetaal.





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Jonkers Bouwmetaal started in 1986 and has been founded by Frederik Jonkers. The company has been active for nearly 4 decades in the development and delivering of construction materials and products throughout the Netherlands.


Jonkers has managed many projects with success. They operate all throughout the Netherlands, for example in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Wageningen.

Known for

Well-known buildings where Jonkers has been involved are: Zeist Triodos Bank, Amsterdam Olympic 1962 and Breda ING.


The company combines excellent customer service and high quality products to set itself apart from the competition.

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