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The euro pallet – also referred to as the EUR pallet or EPAL pallet – is the most frequently used type of pallet by shippers, carriers, freight forwarders and others working in the logistics industry in Europe.

Do you have to deal with transportation on a daily basis? In that case, having knowledge regarding various types of pallets, such as euro pallets and block pallets, is very important. That is why the Quicargo team has listed everything you need to know about the EUR pallet on this page. Do you want to ship euro pallets within The Netherlands or to other countries in Europe? Then you can also rely on transportation company Quicargo!

What is a euro pallet?

First things first: what exactly are euro pallets? The euro pallet is a type of pallet on which goods can be packed with the purpose to make the shipment easier.

Originally the euro pallet was solely used for shipping of goods per train. Nowadays however, the euro pallet can be found everywhere. Naturally, this is also the case for the shipment of road freight by Quicargo in The Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and many other countries.

In most cases the euro pallet is made out of wood. The wooden euro pallet is one of the strongest and largest pallets that you can use via the Quicargo platform, which is partly due to its size and weight it can carry.

Euro pallet size: what are the dimensions?

The euro pallet dimensions are 80×120 cm. The height of the EUR pallet is usually 144 cm. This number can however vary, as the pallet can reach a height up to 240 cm.

Most trucks with an averagely sized trailer can carry up to 33 euro pallets before a full truckload is reached. Want to ship less EPAL pallets, such as 10? In most cases this counts as a less than truckload transport, which means there is still room for more road freight in the truck’s trailer.

Euro pallet weight: how much can euro pallets carry?

The maximum load capacity of a euro pallet is 1500 kg. However, in road transport it is recommended to transport a maximum of 700 kg of goods on a euro pallet.

If the EPAL pallets carry heavier cargo, it is possible that the truck has reached its maximum weight. In that case, the pallet delivery can not be completed.

In order to solve this problem, the number of loading meters is automatically increased on the Quicargo platform when the euro pallet weighs more than 700 kg. This actually means that the cargo is distributed over more surface, which can sometimes mean that a second truck is needed, so that more weight of goods can be transported.

Want to know more about loading meters or calculating the pallet loading? We’ve listed everything you need to know about this topic on the page of our loading meter calculation tool!

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Do you want to have your goods shipped on other types of pallets, such as block pallets or mini pallets? Then you can also trust Quicargo as your logistics partner, both in The Netherlands and in the rest of Europe!

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Any further questions?

What is the euro pallet height?

What is the difference between euro pallets and block pallets?

The block pallet and euro pallet differ in size, as the block pallet is larger than the euro pallet. Furthermore, the block pallet can carry a maximum of 875 kg, while this is 700 kg for the EUR pallet.

Can I arrange pallet shipping with Quicargo?

Yes! You can rely on Quicargo for all sorts of transport, such as LTL, FTL or groupage. It does not matter whether you want to have cargo transported incidentally or regularly. Sign up and discover the possibilities!

How can I see previous shipments?

Log in to your account. You will see a tab on your left marked “history”. This will give you an overview of previous orders, including all the prices.

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