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Be aware of the rules of compensation for the waiting time

January, 2022

Dear carriers,

We have noticed, that our rules for waiting times may not always have been clear enough to understand. Waiting times depend on the number of pallets you are transporting. Please check the table below, for a more detailed overview

1-2 pallets 3-10 pallets 11-22 pallets 23-33 pallets
Standard waiting time:
15 minutes
Standard waiting time:
30 minutes
Standard waiting time:
45 minutes
Standard waiting time:
1 hour (2h international)

The calculations are made per started 15 minutes, not per single minute. The compensation per 15 minutes is 12,50€. For a full waiting day you will be compensated €450,-.

If the driver is waiting at the loading or unloading premises, please contact us. This will also help us, to keep the shipper informed about the status of the shipment.

*In case the carrier waits 37 minutes for a shipment of 1-2 pallets, the 15 minutes will be rounded off 30. At 38 minutes, it will be rounded up to 45.