Regulations and extra costs for waiting time

We have noticed that our rules for waiting times may not always have been clear enough. Hence we want to explain clearly. If the carrier has to wait at the location prior to loading the cargo, additional costs will be charged to compensate the driver. Additional costs are only applied when standard waiting times are exceeded.

Waiting times depend on the number of pallets you are transporting. Please check the table below for a more detailed overview.

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Digital freight forwarder
1-2 pallets 3-19 pallets 20-33 pallets
Standard waiting time: 15 minutes Standard waiting time: 30 minutes Standard waiting time: 1 hour
(2 hours for international shipments)

The costs for extra waiting time are charged per rounded 15 minutes, not per single minute. The costs per 15 minutes is 12,50€. For a full waiting day you will be charged €500,-.

For instance, if a Carrier waits 37 minutes for a 1-2 pallet shipment, the first 15 minutes are free and the Carrier will get an additional 15 minutes of waiting time reimbursed. At 38 minutes, it will be rounded up to 45, which means that the Carrier gets two times 15 minutes of waiting time reimbursed.

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