Fuel Surcharge Monitor

Use the Quicargo monitor for the fuel tax on diesel to get an overall idea of the average price in the market.

Below you will find an easy to read graph to see the price evolution on a monthly basis in 2023.

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Fuel Surcharge Monitor

The fuel surcharge is an additional surcharge on top of the transport base rate. It is dependent on the taxation and fuel price of each month. We get our information on the fuel prices from the official OK Oliecentrale website.

OK Oliecentrale displays all diesel prices per 100 litres. We calculate the average price per month and will apply it according to the table below. To ensure maximum price security and transparency, the calculation of next months surcharge will be calculated through the average fuel price of the 1st to the 26th of last month.

For example: for the surcharge of February we have calculated the average fuel price from the 1st to the 26th of January (160.44€). This is why the fuel surcharge for February will be 12%.

The fuel surcharge will always be added on top of the freight rate. It is dependent on the LOADING DATE, not the booking date.

Check our table below for a more detailed overview of our price ranges:

Applicable Fuel % (M+1) Average Fuel M-1 (From Range) Average Fuel M-1 (To Range)
25% 222.51 227.50
24% 217.51 222.50
23% 212.51 217.50
22% 207.51 212.50
21% 202.51 207.50
20% 197.51 202.50
19% 192.51 197.50
18% 187.51 192.50
17% 182.51 187.50
16% 177.51 182.50
15% 172.51 177.50
14% 167.51 172.50
13% 162.51 167.50
12% 157.51 162.50
11% 152.51 157.50
10% 147.51 152.50
9% 142.51 147.50
8% 137.51 142.50
7% 132.51 137.50
6% 127.51 132.50
5% 122.51 127.50
4% 117.51 122.50
3% 112.51 117.50
2% 107.51 112.50
1% 102.51 107.50
0% 97.51 102.50
-1% 92.51 97.50
-2% 87.51 92.50
-3% 82.51 87.50
-4% 77.51 82.50
-5% 72.51 77.50
-6% 67.50 72.50

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the fuel surcharge

The fuel surcharge will be added on top of the freight rate. The fuel surcharge is solely dependent on the loading date, NOT the booking date!

The calculation of next month’s surcharge will be calculated through the average fuel price of the last month. 

For example: the surcharge of February is calculated based on the average fuel price from the 1st to the 26th of January (160.44€). Therefore the surcharge for February is 12%.

Take a look at our pricing table for more information.

Our reference for the fuel surcharge is from OK Oliecentrale. Their table is updated daily and displays fuel prices per 100 litres.

No, the fuel surcharge is not applicable to extra costs like waiting time. It is only included in the freight rate and does not influence the price of extra costs.

If the shipment is cancelled, we calculate a dead freight percentage as a penalty based on the freight rate. However, fuel is not included in this calculation.

For more information about cancelling your order, please visit our terms and conditions. You can find more detailed information under point number seven.

The first Monday after delivery, you will receive the invoice. You have the following payment options:

  • SEPA direct debit
  • Bancontact
  • Direct bank transfer

1 out of 2 trucks in Europe drive around empty. By using Quicargo, you are efficiently making use of unused capacity to reduce the number of empty trucks on the road.

As such, you are helping to reduce CO2 emissions and traffic.

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